10 Things To Try This Month

10 things to try this month

Summer Summer time! So happy it’s summer time. I’m back with my “10 things to try this month” post. If you follow me on Instagram you see hubby and I have been on the move! So many great things going on and of course I want to do everything but I could also grab a pineapple and a cute swimsuit and hangout by the pool all summer. Each month I have a list of  things to try and with so many things I want to accomplish and goals to reach etc here’s my list for June!

1.Faithfully stick to a workout schedule. The good news with this I have a personal trainer now that I am so excited to start working with. She’s local to Atlanta and I am confident after seeing some of client results she’s going to make sure I reach my fitness goals quickly. Stay tuned for updates on progress. 🙂

2.Hire an intern for my blog! I just returned from an amazing blogger trip to Missouri and all the bloggers had so many great things going on it was awesome to be around people making things happen. That saying “if you’re the smartest person in the room you’re in the wrong room” holds weight and I love to learn from others on how I can be better in my craft. One major thing to take my blog where I want it to go is to delegate.  Can’t wait to see the change this will make happen.

3. Treat Yo Self Tuesdays in full blast! Hard work deserves a treat every now and then. What’s the purpose of working hard if you can’t enjoy a few rewards.

4. Stay consistent with my editorial calendar

5. Find 5 new healthy dinner meals and make them via Pinterest

6. Organize my Pinterest boards and pin consistently

7. Blog M-F. With the extra help I will make this happen.

8. Try new healthy snacks recommended by my trainer like almonds or avocado. Ugh 🙁 but healthy lifestyle must happen!

9. Shut down my laptop and phone by 10pm every night. This way I am able to start the process of getting ready for bed instead of keeping my eyes busy right before I get in bed.

10. Enjoy Life! Always 🙂

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