10 Ways To Make Your Space Cozy For Winter

When winter comes I look forward to heavy blankets, warm cups of tea, and cuddling by the fire because all of these things makes our space cozy for winter. Winter invites a level of coziness that no other season could achieve and it’s finally here!! As I change out my summer clothes for sweaters and coats I had the idea to add a cozy feel to my home.

Here are my top 10 ways to make your space cozy for the winter. 

Add heavier comforters and blankets to your bed 

It may be a little toastier in the day but temperatures are sure to drop at night. If you sleep with a duvet cover consider adding an insert to add warmth. For the sleepers that tend to run hot, adding blankets to your bed is an easier option in case you get hot during the night. We’re no stranger to the effects of seasonal depression, investing in a weighted blanket will feel like a warm and cozy hug! 

Add a throw blanket to your couch

Winterizing our social spaces invites a cozy touch for guests, our families, or when we want to snuggle up with a good book. Adding a throw blanket to your couch not only adds texture and color but warmth! Try playing with textures, colors, and even layering throw blankets to add a comfy and cozy feel to your living spaces. 

Change your lighting 

Nothing says cozy like soft lighting. The sun goes down much earlier in the winter months giving us the ability to play with lighting. Opt-out of overhead lights and turn on those lamps. Change out your light bulbs with a low-watt for a softer look. If you have smart lights, play with various scenes, hues, and combinations. Soft lighting from the nightstand, table, or floor lamps adds a flattering, cozy, and romantic feel to any space.

Rugs on rugs

Rugs on rugs

What’s cozier than warm feet? When we don’t have fuzzy socks in tow, rugs always do the trick. Layering your rugs is also an option for an added layer of comfort when walking around your home. Adding varying textures and styles elevates the look while softening the touch. Consider reaching for a sheepskin or plush rug to add warmth to your home and feet. 

Burn more holiday candles

If you don’t have a fireplace, candles are an affordable hack to creating warmth and light in your home. Not to mention nostalgic holiday scents like balsam and gingerbread! Grouping candles together on your mantle, as a centerpiece, or even in a cemented fireplace, creates the warm and cozy effect when firewood isn’t an option. Speaking of scents, if open flames are too risky consider an oil diffuser to add the cozy smell of winter in your home!

Crank up the fireplace

Bring on the warmth! We wait all year until wintertime to grab our firewood and sit by the fireplace. Christmas movies with nothing but the light from the fireplace, cups of hot cocoa and a blanket, and roasting s’more by the fireside are what winter was made for! Nothing is cozier than a warm night by the fire. If you don’t have a fireplace at home, mounted fireplaces are a nice alternative. Youtube also has several hours long fireplace videos with the sound of crackling wood! 

Play with textures

Incorporating a mixture of textures in your home creates a warm feeling. Knitted blankets, plush pillows, velvet curtains invite a sense of comfort and coziness. 

Pull out your baking supplies

Being cozy is more than just a physical feeling. When we entice all of our senses we get that much more comfortable in the winter chill. Baking not only allows us to make delicious sweets, the warmth from the oven, the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg, and the joy of spending time with our loved ones make it the sweetest way to get cozy this winter! Bring out your baking supplies and your grandmother’s recipes to add tasty comfort to the season. 

Flannels and fuzzy slippers

Flannels and fuzzy slippers

On those cold winter nights snuggling up with flannel pajamas and a warm set of fuzzy slippers put us in a cozy mood! Thicker pajamas that retain heat ensure we are warm and comfortable around the house. Fuzzy slippers are not only cute but add an extra layer of warmth through the winter. 

Turn up the heat

On those days when the winter chill seems to be overpowering, cranking up the heat will definitely make your space cozy for winter! If you’re in a southern state like me, your heater doesn’t get much action throughout the year. Your loved ones can use a little warmth when they walk in from a cold day!

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