3 Clean Beauty Brands

3 Clean Beauty Brands We’re Loving

For many of us, we’re becoming more aware, not only of what we put in our bodies but also what we put on our bodies. We still love the “pretty,” and the “fierce,” but now we’re also thinking “Is this product safe for my skin?” As more and more consumers insist on “clean” products, many beauty brands, some old and new, are taking note of the ingredients that are included in their products. These consumers are insisting on cruelty-free, zero chemical and vegan ingredients- clean. 

Make-up artists were initially concerned that they would not get the same performance with “clean beauty.”  Some were skeptical of the clean claims and thought it was an advertisement ploy to exploit consumers. Others thought the clean trend would disappear as quickly as the latest TikTok challenge.  But as more brands have adopted the “clean” ideology, they have successfully created products that not only give you great performance, but also safe ingredients that won’t harm your skin. Here are three clean beauty brands that are hitting the charts and we predict will soon be your new must-have for your skin! 

3 Clean Beauty Brands We’re Loving


The brand Truly was founded in 2019 and was discovered by millions on the popular app Tiktok. This brand showcases not only clean products for your body and hair but also affordable prices. The company’s mission is embodied in its mottos that: “You should never settle,” and “You no longer need to choose between health and performance, you can have both”. Truly cultivates sustainable, vegan, and clean formulas for the skin. The products raking up rave reviews are its body bundles, including the “Booty & Boobies Bundle,” “Ultimate Body Bundle” and the “Your Buns Bundle”. Each of these sets comes in smell-good flavors such as Dragon fruit, Watermelon, and Coco Cloud. 


Axiology was founded by Ericka Rodriguez back in 2013. A lipstick lover, she decided to take a stand when she discovered that most of the lipsticks that she owned were being tested on animals. She soon ventured out on a mission to only buy vegan makeup but discovered that the performance was lacking. Many of the vegan lipsticks were also extremely drying so she decided to create her own lipstick brand. Some of the ingredients used in her super moisturizing lipsticks include castor oil, avocado oil, elderberry extract, and candelilla wax, etc. Ericka takes pride in using only 10 ingredients in her Axiology products.

These lipsticks are not only good for you, but the colors are fire! Did I mention that each of these lipsticks can also work as an eyeshadow and blush as well? Check out the super affordable bundles in sets of 3 that are very popular and on the bestseller list. These bundles are, “Cotton Candy Skies, Malibu Magic and Of the Earth.” 


Kristine Keheley is not only the founder but also the colorist and formulator of Vapour, a creator of “plant-derived, unconventionally clean, deliberately sustainable” beauty products. 95 percent of Vapour’s products are completely waterless. Why is this important? The company emphasizes not only clean products but also sustainable products. In particular, awareness that water stress impacts 44% of the world population. Vapour is based in the desert in Taos, New Mexico, and uses solar power for their manufacturing, warehouse, and research facilities and all of the product packaging is recyclable.

This gorgeous makeup line is cruelty-free, organically farmed, naturally derived, and uses minimally processed ingredients. Don’t think that the performance is lacking; the colors pack a punch and the luxurious formulas give you tons of coverage. Vapour has all of your guilt-free makeup needs — lipsticks, deodorants, eyeshadows, foundation, hand-crafted makeup brushes, and more! You can look beautiful and be happy that you’re doing something good for the earth! Check out the best-selling Aura Multi-stick (an all-in-one color sick) and the gentle illuminating primer. 

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