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3 Jeans I’m Loving 7 Months Postpartum

Let’s be real, jeans anytime in my opinion 6 months and earlier after having a baby is just not comfortable. I’ve never been a huge jean lover anyways but during this time especially they are the absolute last item I even think to look at in my closet. I’m all about comfort especially after having a c-section. Anything pressed against my lower stomach area just isn’t comfortable for me right now. So, it’s been sweats, leggings, and cute dresses. Now that I’m 7 months in, I’m slowly more comfortable with jeans and have added them into my wardrobe at least once a week. This has definitely been trial and error because a few jeans I previously owned were a big no! They just didn’t fit right and honestly, the material wasn’t comfortable. So, I set out to find brands that made jeans that were actually for postpartum moms.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many, so I decided to try a few brands we already know and love to see what jean styles they already had and try a few different ones to see what worked for me. As we all know, one size in one brand can fit completely differently with another brand, so the try ons happened, and here are my 3 jeans I’m loving 7 months postpartum.

3 Postpartum Jeans I Love

High Rise Destructed Vintage Slim Jeans
I know some people don’t like destructed/ripped jeans but I love to have at least one or two on hand depending on what I’m wearing. This specific pair of jeans has been my number one go to as it gives e the casual vibes I’m usually going for throughout the week and they are comfy.
Curvy Roadtripper Supersoft Jeans
The stretch around the waist on these are everything I needed when recovering from a c-section. I personally don’t like things super wrapped around my area so these have a fitted design that works perfect.

Good Curve High Rise Super Stretchy Skinny Jeans
The common theme that I’ve mentioned is good stretch and these are actually literally made for that exactly. The Good American brand I’ve been loving since they came out because I feel like they really take their time with the variety of jean options they offer per body types, styles, and occasion.

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