3 Summer Sandals You Need This Year

3 Summer Sandals You Need This Year

If you’ve ever visited Atlanta, you know how unnecessarily hot it gets. There are 3 summer sandals that everyone needs to have in their closet. We’re starting to get to consistent 95-degree weather. This means it’s time to go shopping if you haven’t already. To help you get your fashionista juices flowing, here are my top 3 sandal styles you need for summer.

3 Summer Sandals You Need This Year

1. Chunky & Sporty Sandals

Running after two little ones doesn’t mean your fashion sense has to suffer. Whether you choose the classic Birkenstocks or any other fashion iteration, many girls (including myself) are giving their feet some relief by investing in and wearing chunky and comfy sandal styles.

This summer, many designers are putting a high-fashion spin on the classic silhouette. For an option that is sure to turn heads, check out Valentino’s Rose Edition Atelier Sandals or any other shoe below:

2. Square Toe Sandals

Square toes have been in for the past couple of seasons and the trend is still going strong in 2021. You can spot square-toe sandals all over the 2021 runways, so it’s clear that we aren’t ready to give up the silhouette yet.

At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of this style. But, as I see them more and more they have definitely grown on me.

Square-toe sandals come in many different forms, from minimalistic flats to statement high-heels. No shopping list for square toes would be complete without a pair from Bottega! Yet, you don’t need a designer budget to get in on this trend. Square-toe sandals are so popular that you can find them everywhere, even at H&M!

3. Ankle Wrap Summer Sandals

An ankle-wrap on flat or heeled sandals is the way simple sandals are getting an upgrade this season. Personally, we’re here for it!

These sandals are perfect for any and every occasion. Attending an outdoor wedding? Wear them. Fun lunch on the town with the girls? They’re perfect. Want to get cute after being in lockdown all year? You guessed it, ankle wrap summer sandals for the win.

You can never own too many sandals. With summer officially here, it’s time to shop for a new pair (or two!).
When it comes to sandals this season, I am happy to announce that we don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. Designers were very well aware that we have spent a year indoors and maybe a little rusty.

So, the summer sandal trends are all about comfort and style. What style is your favorite this season?

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