4 Tips To Decorating Your Table For The Holidays

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Happy New Year!! Did you hear Oprah’s voice when you read that? I know I did because every time I type it, I say it out loud in her voice for some reason. I’m going to assume that it means this year will be that overtop amazing! But, before we sweep 2019 under the rug, I had the opportunity to decorate our home for the holidays — both Thanksgiving and Christmas for the first time in a long time. If you’re new here, we built our home and closed on it in September of 2019. This was one of our family’s top moments of the year as we planted roots officially in Georgia in our very own home. We got in right before the holidays, and we were so excited we agreed to host family on both holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. With this agreement, it was a must for me to make sure I worked on our dining room space first, where we would eat our first holiday meals in our new home. Don’t let your dining table sit empty for the holidays. Here are four quick and easy tips for decorating your dining table for the holidays.

thanksgiving table decorthanksgiving table decorthanksgiving table decor

Pick A Theme

Every holiday has it’s own branded color scheme and theme going. We know pink, and red mean Valentine’s Day, Red, White & Blue are 4th of July. With the known branded colors for the holidays, I know with our overall home design, we kept it light and neutrals as a modern farmhouse style, so I didn’t want to sway away from that when it came to my table design. For both Thanksgiving and Christmas, I went with a soft and neutral color theme that you usually don’t see. For thanksgiving, I was obsessed with the wine color theme and saw it initially on Pinterest for Christmas. I knew I could go to Michaels and still find a few pumpkins and festive pieces to make a Thanksgiving-themed centerpiece, so it fit for the holiday. For Christmas, I wanted to go straight neutrals and simple. I wanted the brighten up the room and have a minimal design feel for Christmas.


christmas table decorchristmas table decorchristmas table decor

Mix Highs & Lows

I think when it comes to home decor, everyone feels the more expensive, the better. That’s not always true, and I’m here to share with you why. My gold chargers shown in both photos came from Michaels for $2 per charger. I’ve seen the exact charger plates in a few of my favorite higher-end stores for extremely more. Instead, I use those stores for pieces that I know will be worth it in the end, like my place settings and the dining room table itself. I already have plans to decorate my table each holiday and change up the color scheme so the charger plates that are barely seen entirely, in my opinion, didn’t have to be a high priced item. Don’t feel like you have to have super expensive decor. You can find things you already have and stores like Hobby Lobby & Michaels to DIY and find the perfect decor pieces at a budget-friendly price.


christmas table decor

Find A Focal Point

My focal point for Christmas was the napkin holders. I know it’s such a small item, but it was one of the first things that caught people’s eyes during the holiday season. The snowflake stands out on the table, and it brings the Christmas theme together.

Opt-Out Of A Floral Centerpiece

For Thanksgiving, I wanted to give it a try, and it turned out great, but for Christmas, I wanted to do something different. I think we’re so trained to believe a centerpiece has to be some floral arrangement, but it doesn’t. I decided to opt for Christmas themed items like the statue reindeer and the acorns, all while keeping my candles and runner as the focus for the neutral theme.


I hope these quick and easy tips help you as you get your plan on decorating dining table for holidays. Bookmark this page to keep these four easy tips on decorating your table for the holidays in your pocket.


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