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5 Ideas for Your Next Kid-Friendly Staycation

Sometimes you and your family need a break, but it’s just not in the budget. The solution: a staycation! Here are five ideas for your kid-friendly staycation that will make you forget that you’re still at home.


Head Out to Nature

Sometimes we forget to go outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. Go on a hike or spend some time at the beach. Or if you really want to spend as much time as possible in nature, consider camping for a night or two. Roasting some marshmallows over a campfire will make for some great family bonding time!


Have a Movie Night

Having a movie night is another fantastic idea for a staycation. Pick out a family-favorite movie, pop some delicious popcorn, snuggle up in fuzzy blankets, and press play!


Explore the City

As a local in a city, there is a good chance that there are things to see and places to go that you haven’t gotten the chance to visit. Maybe there’s a park that you drive past every day that you haven’t visited with your kids yet. Or maybe you and your family have been dreaming of doing an escape room together for years! Your kid-friendly staycation is the perfect time to do so!


Head to a Museum

There are likely many great kid-friendly establishments in your home city, whether that be a children’s museum, a zoo, or an aquarium. Before you head out, check to see if there’s a combo discount pass, so that you can see more than one at a cheaper cost!


Spend Some Time at a Local Festival

Maybe you’re one of those people who loves adventuring, so you feel like you and your family have seen everything there is to see in your city. The solution: spend some time at a local festival. Because festivals don’t happen all the time, odds are, there’s got to be some local festivity happening that both pique your interest and is new to you. Now the question is how to find one. If your city has a local magazine, that’s your best bet. If not, Facebook has an option to see what events are happening in your area. And there’s always the option of asking around and seeing which festivals other people you know are going to.

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