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5 Things I Do To Start My Day

This post is sponsored by Soma Intimates but all opinions and reviews are my own.

A good morning routine can be beneficial to a successful day. It takes a while to get a routine going. So don’t feel hard on yourself if you still haven’t mastered one just yet. I think one thing that has helped me stay on track is having a good night’s sleep and sleepwear that keeps me comfortable throughout the night. Good sleepwear is an investment that has its benefits, and Soma Intimates is one on rotation in my sleepwear routine. With good sleepwear and good rest, I do 5 other things to start my day successfully.

Soma Intimates and 5 Things I Do To Start My Day

Journal/Read Devotions

I started implementing this last year, and it’s a must in me starting the day. I like to reflect on the day before, point out all the small or large things that happened, and find the good in it all despite something possibly not being the best. And I think journaling and setting your intentions for the day get you prepared for a better day, and it’s self-motivating.

Write Out My To Do List For The Day

I live by a to-do list. I’ve been going back and forth on whether I want to do paper or digital this year. I’m currently using both. But a to-do list, regardless of your preference, is a must, so you know how your day will go. This also helps you get your mood together if it’s a busy day or light day to be prepared for it all.

A Quick 30 Minute Workout To Jumpstart My Day & Energy

I love a good workout as it helps me personally get a good energy boost. We have the Peloton bike which is full of a variety of workouts so it’s always my go-to when I want an in-home workout.

Get Dressed

Getting dressed for the day I essential in being productive. Especially working from home, I need to get dressed, and lately, it’s been loungewear on repeat. Everything I wear has to provide comfort because I’m moving to a variety of tasks throughout the day, including mom duties and home tasks, so having good undergarments that are comfortable is important. Soma Intimates has the most comfortable bras, sleepwear, and panties, and their semi-annual sale happening right now is the perfect time to grab a few items to add to your daily wardrobe.

Eat Breakfast

The most important part of my daily routine. If I don’t have breakfast, I’m not fully getting the energy I need to really kick start my day. I usually opt for a fruit bowl, water, and toast or egg whites. It really depends on the day, and I’ll make larger meals for breakfast, but usually, we’re doing quick and easy meals to get us going for the day.

These are just a few things that help me keep and maintain a positive outlook for the day and how I make sure I’m on a good path to a successful day. Shop a few of my favorite items from Soma Intimates below.

XO Jasmine

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