5 Things To Keep In Your Diaper Bag

Hey new moms and dads, if you’re planning an outing with your newborn, there are a few diaper bag essentials you don’t want to forget! When packing your first diaper bag, new parents can pack way too many items, cram the bag, and feel overwhelmed when planning. Or forget the essentials and find themselves scrambling when out and about. 

It was a little hard to narrow down our top five items, but you don’t want to leave the house without these five essential diaper bag items for your next day out with your baby!

Diapers (of course.. since it’s called a diaper bag haha)

Diapers are the most obvious item, but you’d be surprised how often restocking diapers in your diaper bag gets missed. The last thing we want is a bathroom surprise on a mommy and baby lunch and not having extra diapers to keep your baby fresh and clean! 

Your diapers have to go somewhere, and choosing the right diaper bag is a must! Whether you’re a new parent, a mom on the go, eco-friendly, or caring for multiple little ones, there’s a diaper bag for you! 

Baby blanket

As we approach cooler weather, you must keep your little one warm while out and about. Luckily, a baby blanket is multifunctional and can serve as warmth, protection for mama as you breastfeed in public or if you want to swaddle your baby on the go. 

These beautiful waffle baby blankets are cushioned for tummy time, breathable yet warm, and come in various earthy tones. Choose from an array of coming home blankets or an always blanket from Monica + Andy! 

Bottles of Milk

Although they have tiny stomachs, newborns can eat as often as every 1 to 3 hours. To keep a happy and full baby, having extra bottles of milk in your diaper ensures you’re ready for feeding. Add your milk to your diaper bag right before you head out, so it doesn’t spoil on a hot day. The best way to preserve your milk is to invest in an insulated bag to keep your milk fresh for as long as you and your baby need it. 

Try this Phillips Avent Natural Bottle Set, including two large and three small bottles, a bottle brush, and two pacifiers from Target! Keep your bottles warm on the go with Bellotte Insulated Baby Bottle Bags on Amazon. 

Changing Pad

A few diaper bags come with detachable changing pads such as this one. If yours doesn’t, investing in a changing pad comes with many benefits, including preventing diaper rash when using public changing stations, storage for diapers, wipes, ointment, and other baby bottom needs depending on the design of your changing pad. Changing pads save space on changing stations, provide your baby with comfort during a change, and you can take your changing pad any and everywhere! 

Keep your little one occupied during their diaper change using the SnoofyBee Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad. This water-resistant 3-in-1 pad uses a redirection barrier to keep your baby entertained for faster diaper changes on the go! 

Extra Set of Clothes

We can’t avoid accidents. However, new moms should always stay prepared for an accident such as spit-up, a messy lunch, or an overfilled diaper with an extra set of onesies or set of clothes. We love our baby’s cute little outfits, and for a full day on the town, we both want to look out best. Packing an extra set of clothes for your little one will keep them fresh, comfortable, and in style! 

These five essentials only scratch the surface of your diaper bag needs. If you’re heading into labor soon, check out my blog, Labor & Delivery: What I Packed In My Hospital Bag, for items to include in your bag for a successful delivery.

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