5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself on Your Toddler-Friendly Vacation

When going on a toddler-friendly vacation, the focus tends to be on the toddlers. You’ll go to kid-friendly activities and eat at kid-friendly restaurants all the time. Sometimes you might forget that this is a vacation for you, the parents, as well. Here are five ways to take care of yourself on your toddler-friendly vacations.


Check to See If Your Accommodation Offers Childcare Service

We know that you love your kids. But sometimes you might need a little break from them. If your accommodation offers childcare services as many hotels do, that’ll be a perfect option for you to get a couple of hours without the kids to breathe and have a little mini vacation of your own.


Find a Little Time for Yourself Each Day

Whether it’s by sleeping in, heading to the pool for a morning swim, or taking an extra-long bath, find a little time for yourself each day while you are on your toddler-friendly vacation! If you do happen to be at an accommodation with childcare service, this would be the perfect time to put it to use! However, if your accommodation does not have childcare service, you and your spouse can take turns. If each parent gets half an hour of alone time each morning, that’ll make a massive difference in your attitude for the rest of the day.


Search for Restaurants with Both Kid-Friendly and Adult-Friendly Food Options

Many times, parents will subject themselves to finding restaurants that cater only to kids. These restaurants will serve foods like chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and mac and cheese. As a parent, if you have this food night after night, not only will your sophisticated palate be disappointed, but you might find yourself feeling rather sluggish as well. (Kid-friendly food doesn’t tend to be the healthiest.)

Instead, try to search for restaurants with both kid-friendly and adult-friendly food options. One way to do this is to use Yelp. Search for nearby restaurants as you usually would until you find one that catches your eye. Then, there is a category that says, “good for kids.” If it says, “yes,” that might be a fantastic pick for both you and your little ones! If you want to double check, pull up the menus (for both adults and kids) and see if there is something your children would enjoy!


Before You Leave, Plan as Much of Your Trip as Possible

Let’s face it. Kids HATE being bored. The time that you spend searching for an activity to do or a place to eat is the time that your children are struggling with the feeling of boredom that begins to creep up. And we know that a bored child can many times turn into a cranky or angry child.

To avoid that situation at all costs, try to plan as much of your trip as possible before you leave! What attractions will you see each day? Where will you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day? Is there going to be a day with a lot of driving? If so, what activities will you bring for your little ones to entertain themselves in the car? Sure, odds are something will not go to plan, and that’s fine. Just roll with it. But you’ll be thankful that you have your plans when they do work out.


Remember to Feed and Hydrate Yourself Too

I’ve seen it time and time again. Parents get so focused on feeding and hydrating their children that they forget to do the same for themselves! Just remember that a hungry, dehydrated parent tends not to be as helpful or pleasant as a well-fed, well-hydrated one.

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