8 Essential To Keep in Your Purse

8 Essential To Keep in Your Purse by popular Atlanta style blogger Xo Jasmine

Happy Tuesday! When I am headed to a meeting or just to grab lunch, I always have to grab a bag that has my essentials. My bags come in all different shapes and sizes, and I change my bag depending on what I have to complete such as traveling or a meeting. Mostly during the week, you can find me in workout gear, and some days I take time to get dressed up and work at a local coffee shop or a co-working space. When I do have to go out, there are a few things that I almost have to take with me. I think these are essentials to keep in your purse every day.

8 Essential To Keep in Your Purse by popular Atlanta style blogger Xo Jasmine


1) My cellphone – This is a given. My entire business is run through the digital world, and I also need my emails and calls/texts to stay in contact with family etc.

2) My planner – I love having the digital planner on my computer that syncs with my phone, but it’s something about having a pen and paper to write out my to-do list and scratch through when complete.

3) Wallet – Also a given. Cash, cards, etc. are needed when I am out of the house. Those hot chocolates can’t buy themselves.

4) Lipstick/Lip balm – I always carry lipstick with me because you never know when you’ll need to meet someone or just freshen up your earlier look. I also take a lip balm to keep my lips moisturized throughout the day, especially during these winter months.

5) Camera – You never know when you’ll need to snap a photo that the iPhone camera just isn’t a match. I usually grab my Sony camera instead of the Canon because it’s smaller and can fit perfectly into any bag I take with me for the day.

6) Sunglasses – These are my favorites right now: here, here, and here

7) Water – My #1 essential every day. I’m quick to grab a coke or juice before grabbing a bottle of water so I am trying to be more aware of what I am eating and drinking and water is something I have made a habit to start and end my day with it.

8) Notebook – My brain runs a million miles a minute, and I have so many ideas and thoughts every second of the day. It always helps me to jot down whatever I am thinking at the time in my notebook then revisit it at a later date. That way, I don’t take myself from my current task at hand.

Of course, depending on the day these items can change if I have KJ with me, I sometimes drop a toy or two in my bag for him, wet wipes, and more. When I do have to add more items like his toys, this bag is my go-to.

What about you? What essentials do you keep in your purse at all times? Let me know in the comments!

XO Jasmine

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