Are Clothing Subscription Services Really Worth It?

Rent The Runway- Clothing Rental

I’m all about saving money. When I find a good deal on clothing or other things I’m on the hunt for I always jump on the sale. Since I live in the south, our winters are not as intense as they are up north so investing in key pieces for travel and if our weather does drop dramatically is essential. Some people would instead invest in other pieces than being concerned about the weather changes. When I visited Chicago recently, I knew the weather was completely different than here in Atlanta, and I would need key pieces not to freeze. I took a look at a few sites, and nothing stood out to me to spend my money on or that I would wear again after the trip. I started researching clothing rental companies and came across Rent The Runway.


When I used Rent The Runway, I was able to sign up for a membership which allowed me to select four items. I knew I had this trip coming up so I chose things that I could use for the trip like this coat which kept me warm in below 20-degree weather. I think the question on if services like clothing rentals are worth it depends on the events you know you have coming up and if it makes sense for your lifestyle. If you have holiday parties, travel, events, or want to spruce up your workwear look without adding more clutter to your closet this service makes total sense. In reality, I probably wouldn’t buy this coat if I saw it in the store because let’s be real, in Atlanta it doesn’t get that cold. But, if I want to try out something different than I would usually wear for traveling to a different climate, RTR makes total sense. You have a virtual closet of 450 + styles at your fingertips at any time including handbags jewelry. The membership is pretty flexible allowing you to cancel at any time. I do plan on using the service and trying out a few others because after some research you can rent almost anything and save that extra room in your closet for essentials. I will keep you all updated on what I discover and any pros and cons of the services. If you’re interested in trying out Rent The Runway, sign up here and get 40% off your first month using my code: JASMINCPERK40.


xo Jasmine

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