Blue & Grey for the Office

Blue & Grey for the Office

Blue top, $115 / Balmain jacket, $1,435 / Oasis cotton pencil skirt, $15 / Alexander McQueen heeled sandals $318/ Victoria Beckham real leather handbag, $1,010 / Georg Jensen bracelet bangle $995/ Sass bide geometric jewelry $130= $4,018

Just like the next person I love to splurge on a few items whether it’s clothing, a new bag, shoes, a spa day, etc. Though sometimes I also like to find the best deals and make sure I’m getting the most “bang for my buck”. If you’re working a 9-5 you occasionally catch yourself purchasing nothing but the usual work clothes. I mean you do spend about 80% of your week at work. While being the awesome #girlboss I know you are and loving every minute of what you’re doing, you also want to look the part and look how you feel (AWESOME).

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So for this week’s “Look For Less” I am targeting “Work Wear”. The above outfit I broke down each piece by brand + price and although each item is very tempting, I have recreated this style for you for under $150. (Yep! You read right, $150!!) (See below). When I created this blog one of my main goals was to help all of you super stylish women know you don’t have to have a million dollars in the bank to look or feel great. You can recreate any look you want within your budget. If you notice the pencil skirt above I was able to bring to the look below because it only cost $15. So amazing! You can occasionally create a high low look having one “expensive” item you may just have to have and mix in with all of your other items that are within budget. An entire outfit for less than $150. Oh yea count me in! Happy Shopping! xx

Work Wear for Less

River Island navy top, $40 / Slim jacket $39/ Oasis knee length pencil skirt, $15 / Charlotte Russe pointy pumps $20/ Dorothy Perkins white crossbody handbag $17/ Ashley Stewart bracelet jewelry $17 =$148

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