8 Ways You Can Incorporate Cardio Into Your Daily Workout Routine by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger XO Jasmine

8 Ways You Can Incorporate Cardio Into Your Daily Workout Routine

Setting intentions is a powerful thing. Then when you have that shiny new gym membership in hand, you feel like nothing stands between you and your goals to get in a daily workout. From work to working out, kids’ activities to household tasks and so much more, life has never been busier. The problem is hectic schedules can lead to unnecessary stress.

Trouble is, lack of motivation, unpreparedness and busy schedules have a way of interfering with our plans. If you find yourself struggling to stick to your goals, you’re in good company.  Even after a great start, you may find yourself struggling to find the motivation to stay on track.  Try one of the eight ways on how you can incorporate cardio into your daily workout routine.

8 Ways You Can Incorporate Cardio Into Your Daily Workout Routine by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger XO Jasmine


1. Take a 5-minute walk.

Whether it’s getting fresh air or just getting yourself moving, a change of place and pace can reduce stress and give you a few moments to relax, especially during hectic times. For example, take a 5-minute break while dinner’s cooking to walk around the block.  Not able to get out of the house that easy for a daily workout?Give your body a quick stretch with an at-home yoga session.

2. Be ready for action

As soon as you’re home from your session, re-pack your gym bag as soon as possible so you’ll never waste a moment hunting around the house for your workout gear, such as sneakers, earbuds, and products that help you ease back into your day.

3. Set daily goals

Keep your eyes on the prize and focus on what your goals are for each day. By having a clear idea of what you’re working toward and the steps needed to get there, you can track your progress as you strive to achieve your ultimate goal of a daily workout.

4. Take the stairs

Do you have stairs in your office building? Then take the stairs. When you have the option to take the stairs in the subway, at work or at home – take the stairs. Just think of those extra calories you’re burning.

5.  Play with your kids

Now that the time has changed, you have longer days to enjoy your evenings even if you work all day. Take the time to play outside with your kids which can be a daily workout on it’s own. The energy they push off can not only energize you but you’ll definitely get a workout.

6. Clean your house 

You have to do it anyway, so why not make housekeeping worth the trouble by turning it into an aerobic workout? While vacuuming or dusting, work fast and add walking lunges while you do it.

7. Dance

Dancing is an exercise in its self and the music is good for the soul. Plus, all of the cardio is good for your heart.

8. Turn your commute into a workout

Do you live close to your office? Instead of taking an Uber or driving to work, plan to take a jog or light walk into the office. Of course, you may need to bring a change of clothes and if your office has a shower take things up a notch and hop on your bike.


The time to exercise is hidden in our schedules. We just have to manage our time and find out where.

XO Jasmine

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