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Converting Our Coat Closet To A Pantry

I’m a firm believer that you can truly use every ounce of space in your home. With a little creative brainstorming, you can really come up with so many things to do in your home space whether it be something as simple as adding wallpaper or even changing the lighting to redesigning a coat closet to a pantry. I worked with California Closets to get this space completed and I knew the idea could happen but it just had to be drawn out to start the process of bringing it to life.

We began to run out of space for our overflow of products we get from like Costco and of course as a family of 4 now we have so many things we need to keep in stock to limit weekly grocery trips. We had this closet that we eventually began to use as a junk closet for boxes, toys, and everything else that shouldn’t have been in there. I knew with the spacing this closet had and the location right by the kitchen, it was the perfect spot to build out a second pantry.

California Closets is a company that is nationwide and can work with you on building out storage/shelving solutions for your home. They have technology to draw out 3d designs of your exact space so you’re able to truly see what something will look like or if you need to adjust anything in the drawing. Turning this space into a second pantry was the best idea and perfect example of using every inch of space in your home to truly elevate your space and make it the home you and your family love.

If you’re sitting on an idea for your home and not sure if it’ll look right or even work, take steps to figure that out because making your house the home you love is the important thing. You don’t have to stress that you don’t have a million-dollar home and think you can’t do or add certain things in your home. All you probably really need is a restyling of the space to see the full potential of your home and be able to utilize it the way you envision fully.

XO Jasmine

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