Decorating Your Front Porch For The Summer

Summertime is all about having fun while soaking up the sun with loved ones. What better way to kick off the at-home outdoor activities than by decorating your front porch for the summer! Whether it’s installing new lights, adding vibrant flowers, or finally purchasing that patio set, you’ve been secretly eying at every chance you get.  Decorating your front porch for the summer is also a great outdoor activity that you and your spouse can add to the list of summer activities to try together with the kids.

Your front porch is typically a pass-by area that gets the least amount of attention compared to the rest of the house. This summer you can easily transform your front porch into your new favorite place of entertainment to share with family and friends or a quiet place to watch the sunrise in the summer sky.

A Clean Happy Space:

Before we start decorating the porch for the summer, cleaning is an order. Pull out the scrub brush, cleaning products and give your porch a power wash. Don’t forget to wash your front windows and porch ceiling to ensure no cobwebs or dead creepy crawlers waiting on you at the door.  If you already have patio furniture,  give them a spray down too. A little DIY tip to keep your outdoor furniture smelling fresh; fill an empty spray bottle with hot water, 70% alcohol, and fabric softener(Clean Linen is my favorite),  give it a quick shake and then spray away! Now your outdoor furniture smells better than it ever did before.

Gorgeous Front Porch Inspiration

Cozy Front Porch Seating

Your front porch doesn’t have to continue to be treated like the pass-by area. Wouldn’t it be amazing to stop and smell the roses before having to walk straight in? Just sitting and relaxing just because you can. Purchasing a patio set that’s comfortable enough for you and your guests. One of my favorite things to do is sit on the porch and watch the sunset. I have my eyes on an outdoor patio set from Walmart

I also thought it would be delightful to incorporate decorative pillows. Make sure that the pillows are filled with fiber and not feathers. You want to make sure that these pillows are specifically made to withstand the weather. Your old couch pillows aren’t going to cut it unless you are okay with sitting with a soggy pillow if it rains… I sure hope not, friend! We want pillows that can get wet and dry easily! I went ahead and purchased these fun pillows

Keep the porch lit up

Not ready to shut the party down? Well, me either, but being the darkest house on the block is no fun either. You don’t have to be so let’s keep the porch lit up all night long! A simplistic way to decorate your front porch this summer is by adding a light source. My personal favorite outdoor lights have always been the string lights. Recently I added some Solar Lights to my cart. I can already imagine myself and our guests sitting on the front porch, laughing and enjoying the ambiance.


Nothing defines outdoor space like the perfect welcome mat. There are so many cool rugs with different colors and patterns to choose from. You also can customize your rugs to your liking with personal messages on them. Or you can layer your rugs with a small decorative welcome mat on top.  Rugs are one of the easiest accessories to purchase when decorating your porch for the summer.

Bright bold flowers- hanging or potters 

Bright bold flowers create a sense of serenity, they breathe life into any environment. Flowers are a peaceful aesthetic to any front porch. You can decorate your porch with a colorful array of Geraniums or Petunias or Verbenas.  You may even want to add a few on your window seal. Whatever you want to do! There is no such thing as too many flowers. I’m almost positive that my neighbor with the botanical garden across the street can agree.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so go crazy with your plants and flowers if it makes you feel alive!There are so many ways you can start decorating your front porch for the summer. Choosing from print to floral to solids, all can be mixed and matched together to create the perfect feng shui on your front porch. The porch is the first thing that guests see when they come over, so don’t be afraid to let your creative DIY personality shine at this moment. Whether you have a porch big enough for a swing or small enough for a few plants, decorating your porch can also become the new seasonal tradition.  If you are looking for more projects to get into with the kids then check out summer activities for the family.

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