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Decorating Your Kitchen For Spring

Spring is here and one thing I love about a new season is decorating my home to reflect. If you follow on Instagram, I share quick and easy tips to update your home without overspending on seasonal pieces. I love to definitely think less is more when it comes to decor for seasons and it’s only displayed for a limited time. If you’re struggling with how to get your kitchen decorated for spring, here are 3 quick tips to decorating your kitchen for spring.

Decorating Your Kitchen For Spring

Add a colorful spring-themed wreath

My husband will say I have a million wreaths. It’s not a million but I can agree that I do have a good number but they all fit spaces in my own and are seasonal. My personal favorite way to brighten up the kitchen space for spring is adding a small wreath to the kitchen space which is perfect because it requires no major changes.

Refresh your linen

Depending on your kitchen space, if you have enough space like a bar/island in your kitchen. Refreshing and/or adding table linens like table cloths, napkins, etc can bring your kitchen to new design levels.

Pick a bright and fun color scheme

I love a good, clean, bright space. I love to let my kitchen area play into this because it’s a major part of our home. And with our space being an open concept, it can flow into other rooms creating a clean, bright home throughout. For spring, when decorating the kitchen, I wanted to play into the yellow color scheme. It’s bright, fun, and can easily migrate into my space with the browns we currently have throughout. I also love this color scheme because if I don’t want to change it for summer, it’s a great color that can still stay throughout that season.

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