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Designing Our Home For The Holidays With Target

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2020 has been a year that we all can agree has been a whirlwind of emotions. With the holiday season approaching, the sense of joy and happiness it brings is a must. When we moved into our new home last year, I would dream up the many holidays, especially my favorite Christmas, where we host family and decorate our space to bring a sense of holiday cheer. This year that may look a little different, but one thing is for sure, we are still spreading the holiday cheer throughout our home, and Target has been our one-stop-shop for our holiday decor. Although we may not have all of our family in our home this year, we’ve been connecting virtually, and sharing our holiday home decor has been one thing that has kept the sense of holiday normalcy going for us this year. I’ve seen the joy and excitement of how we decorated our home bring the holiday cheer I think everyone needs now more than ever.

I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to start our Christmas decorations, but this year, I knew seeing that tree sparkle and the colors of Christmas red and green throughout our home was worth the early and extra days of seeing our decorations up. I love sharing my home with you all, and I always want to make sure you know decorating your space doesn’t have to break the bank. Target has amazing lines full of home decor for the holiday season that can have your home feeling like an expensive winter wonderland and not go into debt. A few tips I love to remember when decorating:

Grab Items You Already Own

I personally visit Target at least twice a week, and I usually see items that I can have and use repeatedly and not go out of style. The small trees featured in our home decor this holiday season were actually in their stores last year and are a huge hit! So, instead of purchasing a ton more, I just pulled out what I already had decided the space they would live in, which was our family room, and adjusted where else I would need more, if any.

Target holiday

Decorate One Space At A Time

This is usually a hard one because I like everything to be done simultaneously, but you have to think about the budget and make sure you fully have a plan for each space before sporadically just buying things. This plan helps me completely make sure space is decorated, and things aren’t just thrown here and there. I decided to fully complete our family space first, where we hang out the most. I knew I wanted everything to be kid-friendly for this space but still give us the full holiday cheer feels. I started with what color scheme I wanted to do, and Target has the best pillows, so I was so excited to find this color of green to use in my space. Once I had the pillows, I built the rest of the decorations around this. 

Just two quick tips to get your spaces in line with how you want them to look this holiday season in no time. Shop our holiday home decor space below.

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