Dreams Do Come True//1st Time Homeowner

IMG_1549I have a house.  I am a homeowner! Again, myself and my husband are HOMEOWNERS! It’s so surreal to even think at our age (24&25) that we’d own our own home and let alone have one BUILT! Life is so scary it’s almost funny. You never know what path may take you where or where you’ll even be tomorrow but having faith in God will always help you make it through. This process tested and took so much of me. I’m so used to wanting and getting that instant gratification of things that this really taught me so much. Especially to have patience.

Let’s be real here, like I said I am 24 y/o so of course being in college I never thought that far ahead that I need to get certain things situated to set me up for greatness in the long run. Now, my husband on the other hand setting up plans, goals, and things like that he lives for. If I didn’t have Marcus I would be a lost cause trying to figure out somethings. But again that’s what life is you’re figuring things out as you go and nothing is perfect.

Now building your first dream home seems amazing and believe me God made this all possible and we are so thankful but I honestly didn’t have all of my shit  stuff together in the beginning. Let me get real with you for a second. Again I am 24 y/o so things like credit and savings weren’t on the forefront of my mind when I was in school and again Marcus had all of this already thought out. He’s a planner, he thinks like 100 steps ahead of probably anyone I know, he’s awesome!

Back to me, when we started this process November 2013 we were hit with the “you can’t do this right now because….Jasmine has no credit”. I felt like crap because here’s this perfect man who has all of his stuff together ready to move on with life and have so much figured out and I’m just getting started figuring it out. There were so many times I felt like I’m not cut out for this “Adult life” just yet and I’m holding him down. Marcus NEVER gives up and of course within a few months I had a few things in my name,paid some things off, and ya girls credit score shot up! THANK GOD! Everything just started to fall into place all because we never gave up, trusted God, and kept faith. Long story short, I’m here to tell you no matter where you are today, what your situation may be or you’re looking at the next person trying to figure out why you don’t have what they got …..

Take your time, trust in God, and EVERYTHING will be alright.


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