Fall Decor Color Schemes To Try

As we transition from pastels in the spring to bright solids in the summer, the time has come for an array of neutrals and warm tones for the fall. You may be used to seeing warm oranges, an assortment of beiges, and navy blues, but we’re excited to venture outside the norm when choosing a fall decor color scheme. 

Here are a few schemes to try whether it’s your wardrobe, nail color, or decor for your living room there’s a beautiful selection of schemes to choose from!

Warm Earth Tones

No matter what new fleeting trend comes along, earth tones will always be in vogue. We’re throwing away the greys and whites and leaning more to various shades of brown, beige, and terracotta. Adding these tones to your home adds a natural element to any room, not to mention a comfortable sense of warmth in the cooler months of the year.  

Earth Tone Pieces for the Season

Earth Tone Rippled Bud Vases from Maid2LoveCreations via Etsy $19

Natural Grass Dried Bouquet from Crate and Barrel $35


This might come as a surprise, but trend experts have named blush a trendy addition to fall this year! If your base theme is more neutral, a great way to add more color and liven up your space could be textured blankets and pillows in blush pink! Blush may be too soft for some when adding larger accent pieces; if you’re interested in getting your palette wet, try taper candle holders, small weaved baskets, or table trays to lighten the mood!

Blush Pieces for the Season

Embroidered Metallic Blocks Pillow Cover set of 2 from West Elm $74

Farmhouse Pottery Essex Candlestick from Verishop $55

Pops of Color

I know your used to and maybe tired of the usual tan, orange, and greens associated with fall, but it’s out the with tried and true and in with the bright and new! Add a pop of color to your color schemes using gem and jewel tones like sapphire, jade, and amber. These rich shades can go a long way with just a lite touch. Consider using removable wallpaper to create a luxe accent wall, floor-length velvet curtains in a muted room, or accent your pop of color with brass or gold lamps, candles, or picture frames!

Jewel Tone Pieces for the Season

Worn Velvet Curtain with Cotton Lining from West Elm $77

Worn Velvet Curtain

Emerald Malachite Pattern Wallpaper from Livette via Etsy $10+

Emerald Malachite Pattern Wallpaper

Warm Florals

Spring isn’t the only season worthy of a floral print. We won’t be incorporating bright pastels but rather highlighting warm floral prints and tones. I’m no stranger looking to nature for inspiration, and shades of green, blue, orange, yellow, and red are classic fall colors that never fail! Whether using fresh flowers, dried bouquets, pillow covers, or wall prints, adding florals to your fall decor can create a unified and natural feel to your home. 

Warm Floral Piece for the Season

Dried Sun Palm Bouquet from Anthropologie for $30


Exotic Garden Throw Pillow from Society 6 $30

exotic garden throw pillow

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