Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Small

When you shop small not only are you making your loved ones merry, but you’re also helping small businesses more than you know.

This holiday season, ditch the big box retailers for the smaller, local boutiques to find the perfect gift for your loved one. By shopping local, you’re not only finding unique, thoughtful presents, but you’re also helping put money back into the local economy. 

10 small businesses to shop this holiday season

Gifts For The Home

When you buy a gift for someone’s house you get to be a monumental part in making their house a home. We’re all too familiar with how expensive it can be to furnish a home so that can be a great place to start when considering gifts for those people “who have everything already”. Check out these home decor gift ideas:

Personalized Every Day Gifts

Everyone loves something that is truly bought for them. What better way to say this was crafted especially for you than a personalized gift?

Wearable Gifts

The best gifts are the ones you can incorporate it into your everyday life. Wearable gifts do just that and more. Whether you decide to get winter, summer, spring, or fall gear – all options are a great idea!

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