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Home Organization Essentials

We love a nice and organized space. It makes everyday life so much easier because we can save time and effort in looking for things that we need when we need them. Home organization essentials make having a home for everything you own so much simpler. Everyone, including us, wishes they could have someone to come in and do professional organizing to declutter their junk drawer or the never-ending Tupperware in your cabinet space.

Storage and organization have been on the top of our lists now that we’re coming out of the year-long lockdown and we’re getting into the groove of our new normal.

There are so many different organizers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can use them throughout your home depending on the space you’re decorating.

So I’m sharing a round-up of organization products that every home should have.

Home Organization Essentials

Closet Storage and Organization

First, let’s start out with how to keep your closet organized. One way we’ve found to set our days up for success is removing the small tasks that take a lot of brainpower, like picking out or finding clothes the morning of your day.

You need hanging organizers and products with a specific purpose to clearly lay everything out and make your life easier.

Always measure your closet first and make a list of the things that you need to store before buying anything.

Some of our favorite closet organizational essentials are:

  • Rubbermaid Deluxe Closet Organizer Kit: Although we mentioned this for closet storage, it’s also perfect for your garage, coat closets, or any other hidden space. We love how it increases your shelf space easily without much hassle and labor.
  • Hanging 5-Shelf Organizer: We love these for small knick knacks and accessories like scarves, ties, socks.
  • Shoe Rack: If you’re anything like us, you can never have enough shoes. But, with more shoes you need more storage and having a shoe rack is great to nicely display your shoes while keeping everything organized.
  • Collapsible Hangers: It’s magic! At one point your closet is full of hangers next you have nearly double the space with collapsible hangers.

Essentials for Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one place that can get cluttered extremely fast, especially if you have a large family. Luckily, there’s an organization hack for cutting boards, spice racks, silverware, and everything in between.

  • Slide-Out Spice Rack: If you like to keep your counters clear, these are perfect because they fit perfectly into your cabinet space without taking up too much space.
  • Airtight Food Storage: Food storage is perfect for not only organization but also cleanliness. If something pours out or gets old it doesn’t impact the rest of your food.
  • Stackable Plastic Food Storage: Having food storage for your little ones to grab packaged snacks when they need to is great for everyone.
  • Sliding Pot Organizer: There’s nothing worse than opening a drawer just to have the entire delicate pot balance tower come falling out. Try a pot and pan organizer to help keep the pans from falling on your toes or little ones.

Drawer Organizer Essentials

Are you the type of person that just throws everything in your drawers on laundry day? If so, we want to show you the light to not only organize your clothes but to also fit more in so you can buy more *wink wink*.

Most people tend to forget that your drawer space is a great way to organize your home.

  • Drawer Divider Set: Dividing your drawer makes laundry day that much easier because everything has it’s specific space that it fits into
  • Adjustable Drawer Dividers: We love these because as your kiddos grow you can adjust your drawers to fit their new clothes sizes.
  • Accessories Inserts: Say goodbye to tangled jewelry with and organizers that has space for all your jewelry.

Hidden Storage for Living Rooms

Since we’re beginning to host guests more it’s important that our living spaces are up to par. No one enjoys tripping over shoes or moving clothes that the little ones threw on the couch after soccer practice.

So, let’s make an effort to get organized not only for our benefit but also for our guests.

  • Cube Organizer/Bookshelf: Whether you opt for a simple bookshelf or extensive cube shelf system, it’s one of the easier ways to stylishly organize your space. It’s great because you also add cubes to hide things you don’t want in sight.
  • Coffee Table with Hidden Drawers: Coffee tables are perfect for hiding throw blankets, extra remotes, or coasters. Really it’s a nice stow away for anything you need.
  • Media Center: If you love to watch movies but don’t want all the cases lying around everywhere, the media center is a great option for you.

Bathroom Storage

After decking out a small bathroom with the essential fixtures, you might not have much room left for storage.

Don’t let limited space in your bathroom lead to clutter; instead, use it as an opportunity to get creative with your storage solutions. 

  • Towel Ladder: With multiple rungs and simple frames, these trendy, low-profile organizers resemble traditional ladders. Towel rods or hooks may only be able to manage two or three towels at a time. However, towel ladders can comfortably accommodate anywhere from three to eight towels.
  • Shower Caddy: Small showers may not have the built-in shelf space to hold all of your necessities. Shower caddies can easily fit almost anywhere in or around your shower. 
  • Utilize Underused Over-the-Toilet Space: Designed to stand freely above a toilet tank, these units come in several styles. They also come with a variety of storage features – including cabinets, drawers, and a towel rack.
  • Over the Door Storage: The area behind your bathroom door, like your closet, can be the perfect place to subtly hang towels and robes. Think about installing towel rods or hooks that can hold any bulky linens you need to store.

Reasons to Get Organized

Your home organization essentials impact more than just your space and here’s why:

  1. Being Organized Makes You More Productive. When you get organized, you can easily find the thing you’re looking for. You’re better able to meet deadlines, accomplish tasks on your To-Do list, and show up to places ON TIME.
  2. Being Organized = More Money. When your home is organized, there’s no longer a need to purchase duplicate items because you can’t find the one that you own.
  3. Being Organized Enhances Creativity. When you declutter, get organized, and simplify your surroundings, something brilliant happens.
  4. Being Organized Enables You to Adapt. Whether it’s a family emergency, a sick child, or the opportunity to join a friend on an impromptu Girl’s weekend away, you’re much better equipped to adapt to unforeseen circumstances when your day-to-day life is not completely chaotic.
  5. Being Organized Improves Your Health. Once you’re more productive, you’ll have more time available for self-care. You can actually focus on eating healthy and getting exercise when you’re not spending an hour a day hunting for your keys!

No matter how much space you have organization will help make everyone’s life easier. While it can be daunting to know where to even begin corralling stacks of papers or organizing the household junk drawer, this list should at least give you a solid starting point for your home organization essentials.

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