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So, if you’re new here, I usually post my outfits and exclusive outfit details on a platform called, If you’re new to, it’s an app through the company RewardStyle where influencers can list their outfit details for quick shopping access to our readers. I share these details on all my platforms via Instagram, my blog here, and on my but sometimes you want to check something out quickly which this app can allow you to find the outfit and shop it directly through the store.


What is is the easiest way to shop looks styled by your favorite influencers, wearing your favorite brands. Find exactly what you’re looking for from wedding guest dresses, ankle boots, and trench coats to faux leather jackets and leopard slip skirts from over 4,500 different retailers — including Nordstrom, Target, Revolve, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gucci, and so many others!


How To Use the App?

Using the app is super easy! It’s available in the app store, once you download it, you can search for your favorite influencers and click follow. You’ll see all of their looks in the app and can shop right from the app. It’s so convenient. I also love that you can now search for certain products or rooms and influencers who’ve mentioned or listed products under these will show up with their linked product recommendations. For example, if you’re looking for a marble dining table and you search “marble dining table” on the app, it’ll pull up a ton of selections with the images to see how influencers style certain products and where you can shop. App


Why You Should Use the App

In my opinion, the app helps make shopping easier. I know you guys message me sometimes and probably a few other influencers you follow wanting to know where certain things are from. I usually have already posted the outfit or home item, etc in the app on my profile and will take you to the direct product in one click. I’m also making it a habit to post exclusive content there that isn’t on my Instagram so it’s all the more reason to make sure you’re using the app and making sure you’re following my profile to stay up to date.


No app, no problem.

I completely understand not wanting to download another app. But, no worries, you can shop the platform, see all my looks and shop right from your desktop. I also have a shop tab here on my site where you can shop as well. Bookmark this page.


XO Jasmine

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