How To Celebrate The End of Summer

So much of our lives have been disrupted that it can be hard to look on the bright side. BUT, you can still celebrate the end of the summer on a high note before the kids go back to doing virtual school. 

Also, technically Summer doesn’t officially end until September 22 so make the most of your time and actually make time to celebrate the end of summer!

So, let’s make an extra effort to celebrate the end of summer. Here are a few ideas of what you can do to send summer off with a bang:

8 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

Take the bikes out for a long ride.

Sadly, the end of summer also means the beginning of fall, which means the chilly weather is coming soon. Before you pack away the bikes and helmets in the garage, take them for a good long ride.

If you’re in Atlanta, try a family-friendly ride at the Beltline or your local park.

Start planning your next family

Even if you can’t travel to the destination of your choice now, you can still make plans for whenever we can freely travel again. Start dreaming with the whole family about where you want to go.

Explore a new area online and look for all of the best places to visit. You can encourage kids to write about or draw their dream vacation and even plan a themed dinner or party to keep building the excitement.

Stay up past bedtime.

Isn’t it funny how kids just instinctively know that summertime means staying up later?

Let them take advantage of late summer bedtimes with a trip to an outdoor movie! There are still chances to catch a flick at Screen on the Green in Atlantic Station and other smaller parks around the state.

Abandon your kitchen table.

Take dinner outside in these last days of summer!

This can be as simple as just dining in your own backyard or packing a dinner (or picking one up) to eat at the park. For great places to spread out a picnic blanket, try Piedmont Park.

The view is amazing, you can play at the playground after you eat, and there are tons of places to grab food and treats within walking distance of the park.

Head To The Drive-In

This is such a fun adventure. If you have a truck then fill it up with blankets and pillows and a cooler full of goodies. If you have a car then bring some folding chairs and a cooler full of goodies.

There is something so summer about watching a movie under the stars. And the ride home everyone is sleepy and full and content.

Visit a local farmer’s market

It’s no secret that summer is the perfect time for fresh fruits and veggies that you can’t necessarily get year-round. Pick fresh fruits and veggies and let the kids help you prepare them for a delicious, healthy dinner that night.

Check out these tasty recipes.

Bus Stop Party

Meet the kids on the last day of school at the bus stop with fun signs, balloons, and popsicles! Just because school has started for some of us, doesn’t mean that we have to stop the fun. Since we’ve had to cut out a lot of fun activities this year for the sake of safety, it’s important to still make memories in any way that we can.

This one is hands down our favorite.

Go Shopping

You knew we couldn’t resist. It’s a simple fact that clothes wear out and styles change. So, it’s that makes the excuse of shopping super easy.

The perfect thing about seasons changing is all the new styles and trends we can shop for. Be sure to prep your closet for season changes so you have tons of extra room while also maintaining the quality of your clothes.

We hope after reading this blog that you have new ideas for end-of-summer family traditions that you can begin. If you’re looking for travel ideas, preparation tips, and more, definitely check out the travel section of XO Jasmine.

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