How To Change Out Your Seasonal Wardrobe

It’s always an exciting time when the weather first starts to change. However, even though every year we know there are four seasons for some reason it’s always a dread to change out our seasonal wardrobe – like we don’t know it’s coming.

But, since we’re on a mission to do better since we know better, we are going to imagine swapping out our closets and wardrobe are just as fun as switching up our home decor.

We wanted to give you a few tips to better organize your life and closet as the season’s change.

Changing Your Seasonal Wardrobe Based on the Season

First, let’s start with preparing your closet for each season. Most think it would be an easy swap and you just take everything and put it in bins but there are a few other things to consider:

  • When storing summer clothes in the winter, set aside bathing suits, sundresses, and very lightweight threads until spring arrives. Store swimsuits in zippered fabric bags instead of plastic ones to ward against mildew. Remember to keep your summer clothes storage boxes accessible in your storage unit in case you have an off-season vacation coming up. No one likes to dig through an entire storage closet to find one swimsuit cover!
  • When storing winter clothes, start with your winter coats, heavy sweaters, and other thick or wooly clothes. You’ll also want to store your holiday ugly sweater party apparel, and any other holiday themed clothes for that matter. For themed clothing it’s always best to store them together so you can always find any costumes to reuses for holidays to come.
  • With autumn season clothes, remember that many clothes and accessories can stretch into the winter season, too, especially as layering pieces. So, you don’t want to put away every piece because you can layer them up.
  • Likewise, with spring clothes, as many pieces can also work for the early summertime. Any holiday or seasonal themed apparel would be a great candidate for storage as well.

Tips for Every Season

Don’t switch everything.

Seasonal switch-out time is the perfect opportunity to evaluate every piece of clothing you wear. Does it fit you like a dream? Do you love the cut and color? Do you wear it at least twice a season? Is it still a current style?

If so, it’s a keeper. If not, donate it.

Now it a perfect time to evaluate what you truly need and give to the less fortunate what you don’t.

Don’t use cardboard boxes.

Avoid storing clothing in cardboard boxes because they can break down and attract insects. For short-term storage, cardboard is fine, but for more than a few months, use plastic containers with lids.

Contrary to popular belief, be sure these containers aren’t airtight. Air circulation will help avoid mold and mildew. If you’re concerned about air movement in a plastic container, you can always drill several small holes in the top and sides of the container prior to filling them.

Another great option is vacuum bags if you’re low on storage and need to easily stack items.

Wash Before Storing

Before putting them away, wash any items that you’ve decided to keep and that you need to store for next year. Clean clothes resist pests and stains better.

You don’t need to do anything special; a simple washing will do. You’ll be happier once it becomes time to switch again because you’ve taken a lot of the stress off yourself later.

Take advantage of free services.

Remember that most dry cleaners will store anything you have cleaned for no charge. If you’re short on space, this is a terrific option. Be sure to check their policies so you know what to expect when you’re ready to change your seasonal wardrobe again.

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