How To Organize Your Pantry On A Budget

pantry organization tips

As we currently have plenty of time on our hands, I’m spending my time working on home projects that have been on my list since we moved into our new home. One of those projects being pantry organization. I’m all about having things where I can see them so the boxes on top of boxes in the pantry doesn’t sit well with me. Plus, I feel as if you’re not able to fully get use of your pantry even if it’s on the smaller side if you have it full of product boxes. I’ve saved a million picture ideas on how I wanted my pantry to look from Pinterest but every pantry is different. I knew that I wanted it to be organized based on our lifestyle and what we use on a regular. With our pantry being a bit smaller, I had to make sure every space I used made sense. I also didn’t want to go crazy spending on organizational products either. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to organize your pantry on a budget, here are 5 tips to help and a Youtube video with more details on how I organize our pantry.

pantry organization tips

1.Take Everything Out

The first thing you want to do is take everything out of your pantry.  It’s easier to see what you’re working with in terms of food/products and see fully what your space looks like to visualize how you want it organized.


2. Purchase Your Storage Items

My pantry organizational items are from Target and The Container Store. I knew the style I wanted to go with that still would flow with the design of my kitchen but I also knew I didn’t want everything in wooden baskets and not being able to see my pantry items at all. This basket I thought was a good mix between the both. If you want to opt for all baskets, I used these black label pins which were perfect to highlight what was in each basket or bin.

pantry organization tips

3.Invest in Labels

The Home Edit has labels available at The Container Store and you can order customized labels depending on what you’re organizing from their website. I got the starter pack from The Container Store and was able to label almost everything I already had with those without having to get the custom ones. Labels are important when it comes to organizing. In my opinion, it cleans everything up and you don’t have to dig around looking for things. You know where everything is right away.


4.Don’t Forget Your Kids

Yes, we all want the extremely organized Pinterest pantry but be realistic on your household. Do you have older kids who will put things in the wrong places causing you to constantly have to keep your pantry clean? You don’t want to make this a chore, especially when it’s suppose to be something that creates simplicity in knowing where everything is located. Older kids or younger kids, you want to make sure you stay realistic when planning your pantry organization. Maybe opt-out of glass jars and get plastic ones. There are a ton of ways to make your dream pantry happen without breaking the bank and losing your mind.

pantry organization tipspantry organization tips

5.Stalk The Sales

Getting your pantry organization done can cost a ton if you let it. It’s best to find the products you need and what store you’re wanting to purchase them from and track when the sales are happening. I know right now, The Container Store has all their organizational items on major sale. Unless this is a time sensitive project, don’t feel pressured to have to buy everything at once.


Watch Youtube Video


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