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How To Style Yoga Pants 3 Ways

Yoga pants have been a staple the last few months since we’ve all been at home. Yoga pants also known as stretchy pants or formally called form-fitting trousers have made their mark in the clothing industry. The number of ways you can style yoga pants have gone from athleisure wear to everyday casual wear in a blink of an eye. They are not only comfortable but extremely versatile. You don’t just see people wearing yoga pants to yoga now. There are so many places you can wear your yoga pants and even more ways to style them. If you’re unsure how to style yoga pants outside of an oversized tee and sneakers, below are 3 quick ideas on how to style yoga pants.

How To Style Yoga Pants 3 Ways

So far, my favorite yoga pants to date have been from Summersalt. They are extremely soft, comfortable, and I love the variety of colors they offer. Two important things you want to make sure when you purchase yoga pants is that they aren’t see-through and they aren’t extremely tight yoga pants. You don’t want to be uncomfortable. 

The Usual Workout Yoga Fit

Yoga pants of course are a usual workout go-to outfit and one of my most worn looks throughout the week. I work from home so I usually love the comfort yoga pants offer me as I’m moving around during the day from playing with my son to newborn duties to calls, and more. Comfort is key.

Dinner With Friends Or Casual Date Night

Date night doesn’t always have to be an extremely dressy event. Yes, yoga pants depending on the style and print can be a bit much for date night so opt for a neutral color or with no prints that you can easily pair with a denim jacket or moto jacket and slip on a pair of booties. Add a hat and a cute bag and you’re set.

A Quick Errand Run

A quick errand run can be to the grocery store after school pick up or whatever the errand is that day and again styling these with a cute sweatshirt and sneakers or even flats can be the perfect way to style them.

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