Hustling Through The Work Day With FAGE Yogurt

Day in the life - lifestyle blogger

This post is sponsored by FAGE; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Day in the life - lifestyle blogger

I’m the first to admit I’ll work through a lunch break on any day just to get that extra time to knock out a few more task on my to-do list. Of course, going into this new year, I know changes had to be made and my health and eating healthy comes first. I’ve made it a goal to take healthy snacks with me throughout the day like FAGE Total Split Cups. FAGE has 30% less sugar and is a great-tasting option instead of grabbing a bag of chips or stopping by a fast food restaurant throughout the day. My days are usually on the go from content shoots, meeting with clients/brands, writing blog post, handling admin duties for my brand, negotiating contracts, reading contracts, the list goes on so making the first step on making little changes about what I snack on throughout the day lead to an even bigger impact in the long run.

With a mobile office as I like to call it, I’m able to really work anywhere and I need a snack that is quick and easy for on-the-go and not take up a ton of space in my work bag. With making healthier choices, you always wonder if it’s not the best taste will you stick with the decision. I’m lucky to have found a snack like FAGE yogurt because it’s so delicious with delicious fruit toppings and has 30% less sugar.

I can take a conference call or eat on the go because of the convenient packaging of the FAGE Total Split Cup. With the weather warming up here in Atlanta, I sometimes like to take my work outside and only grab a few of my must-have work items to finish my work day. I’ve found in the past that depending on where I set up shop to work, I’d always find an establishment that I thought could be a great stop for a snack and the time spent in there eating unhealthy took time from my work day. We all set those resolutions for the new year and it’s never too late to start especially when it comes to what you’re eating on a daily.

Take control of your workday with healthier food options with FAGE Total Split Cup that you can find here.


XO Jasmine

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