Nordstrom sale 2021 | July Amazon Haul: Family Edition

July Amazon Haul: Family Edition

If you’re anything like the millions of people this year, you’ve done at least one (or three) amazon hauls. We can’t even begin to fathom how much we’ve spent and we’re avoiding our bank statements because of it.

But we couldn’t resist because there are so many things coming up like back to school, fall decor refresh, and just living life. Amazon is one of the places you can literally find everything you need – at a great price and quickly.

Here are my top Amazon buys for July.

July Amazon Haul: Family Edition

Brooklyn’s July Amazon Haul

I have been having so much fun shopping for Brooklyn. It’s a completely different experience when you get to buy bows, tutu’s, and other frilly girly things. Here are a few cute finds:

KJ’s Must Haves

KJ is officially starting school and Pre-K is a big start to the start of his school career. Since this is my first go-round at school supplies I went out with a bang lol. Between the cute backpacks, lunch box, crayon box, and everything in between I couldn’t resist. Here are my favorite finds:

Marcus Picks

Marcus typically doesn’t do as many Amazon hauls as I do, but this month he got in on the action. Here are some of his faves:

My Top 3 Buys

I couldn’t send you off without my top 3. I’ve been finding super cute fashion pieces so I wanted to make sure you knew the great finds Amazon has.

What items have you guys recently found? I love to get first hand recommendations on things you guys are using so that I can test them out for myself and the family.

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