Let’s Catch up!

Well hello 2022! It’s been awhile and we have SO much to catch up on. I haven’t posted a blog since December 2021 and it’s been a wild ride since. If you follow me on Instagram, you see the daily updates into my life, family, and growing my business but just in case you’ve missed a few things, let’s catch up!

Building a business
Joy Meets Home launched officially in October 2021. Running a business is hard. Growing pains, scaling a team from 1 person to now 6, inventory, customer service, website edits, plus more things we haven’t announced yet, it’s been tough but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. When I decided to go all in on interior design, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I’m entering an industry where the presence of black interior designers is very rare and I’m looking to do something completely different to disrupt the industry. More to come on that soon. To date, I’ve worked on full home renovations, furnishing new builds, children spaces, and more, a complete dream come true. Make sure you’re following along on social media @joymeetshome to keep up!

Do you guys see KJ & Brooklyn? They’ve gotten so big. KJ is officially is on his way to Kindergarten as he wrapped up Pre-K in May and it was the best school year ever. Brooklyn started school as well after being home all last year and I was worried how she’d be going to school but she’s been thriving. We’ve been traveling as a family and creating all the memories and it’s always so amazing seeing the world through their eyes. I can’t believe summer is almost over so we’ll be prepping for the new school year. I’ve already started grabbing a few things to help them both prepare with a new book bag for KJ and new clothing for them both for school, activities etc. You can shop them below.

Quilted Sweater Fleece Jacket

Air Max Excee TD Sneaker

Studio Renovation
I knew when I launched Joy Meets Home, I wanted a space that felt like home away from home. Finding the perfect location and space was for sure a challenge. I became obsessed with a full space that needed a whole lot of love! I knew immediately what I wanted to achieve in the space and the after results are just to good and make it all worth it.

So many things going on and I’m excited to continue to take you guys on this journey especially as we build the Joy Meets Home brand. Make sure you’re following my Instagram @jasminescrockett and @joymeetshome and shop our latest arrivals.


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