Make Your Meal Time Fresh With Moe’s

Welcome to Moe’s! You may have eaten a delicious chicken burrito from Moe’s before, but did you know that their chicken is grilled each hour? When you dip your chip, did you realize that the guacamole and salsa were made fresh that morning, every morning? They make their food fresh and have 20+ fresh ingredients to create your dish. This is a plus for someone looking for a quick meal in an over-processed world. Moe’s is focused on providing customers with the best possible ingredients that are fresh and cater towards different dietary needs. Moe’s takes pride in preparing fresh key ingredients in-house daily to provide the quality you can count on.  Plus, each meal comes with free chips and salsa (even on the to-go orders). I talk about their food being freshly made daily but even the sides as I call them are fresh, like the chips which are flash fried daily and the salsa and guacamole are prepared from scratch daily.

So why now am I talking to you about Moe’s? I was recently given the opportunity to visit Moe’s and with so many people always looking for fresh and healthy choices I figured this was one to share. Lucky for me, there’s a Moe’s near where I live, and one cool fact that I found out when visiting this location is that every Moe’s is locally owned and operated. This means I am able getting the best service right here at home. When you walk in, they do say the infamous line, “Welcome to Moe’s” and it makes you feel right at home. The staff was so helpful and knowledgeable about our different options we were considering especially with the recent food decision my husband and I made recently (more about that below).

Welcome to Moe's

Moe’s which stands for Musicians, Outlaws, and Entertainers has a little something for everyone. With popular documentaries like “What the Health” everyone is on the hunt for the best meals to jump start their healthy lifestyles. What I love about Moe’s as mentioned above, everything is fresh daily. They don’t give in to the fast food tactics, and there’s always something for everyone. My husband and I are looking to go vegan, but of course, that’s something you can’t hop right into the next day.We’re eliminating different things each week to be all in ultimately. But, if you’re like vegan what? You should know Moe’s grills all proteins on a consistent production stream, so it’s always hot and ready when you order.

Have you ordered at Moe’s before? What is your favorite menu item?

xo, Jasmine

This post is sponsored by Moe’s Southwest Grill; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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