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So it’s been two weeks since we’ve been home with our little one and these two weeks have been amazing and a life changing experience. Everyone has their tips and tricks to give you on how to survive those first weeks/nights home but you honestly have to experience it yourself to really get a grasp on what’s going on. Believe me, the advice and tips are so helpful but all babies are different so you have to do what works for you. Although all babies and their routines may be different, I do know that the essentials you’ll need for your baby will forever be the same. I’ve listed 14 items that have made our transition home easy. There’s so much more that can be mentioned but these have definitely helped us.

  1. Halo Sleep Sack – Honestly the swaddle with a blanket thing isn’t something I’ve mastered yet. Baby C is literally so strong he can get out of every swaddle we put him in. Now with the Halo Sleep Sack it’s so simple to swaddle him and he actually stays in it. #WIN!
  2. Johnson & Johnson Baby Bath Set is a given for the sensitive baby skin. Definitely a must have for baby baths.
  3. I’ve only seen two brands on the market that are popular for diaper pails and we decided to go with the Munchkin brand. It holds so many diapers and actually seals the scent completely. Definitely want to have this in the nursery for those diaper changes.
  4. Nursing bra. This one is self explanatory if you’re breastfeeding. It makes it easy so you don’t have to remove your entire bra to feed.
  5. The Munchkin diaper organizer is perfect for the changing table. We have everything we need in arm reach when changing him and don’t have to scatter everywhere trying to find things.
  6. Baby hats are perfect to help baby keep their temperature and not get so cold.
  7. Love the onesies especially when we’re just hanging out at the house. So comfortable and easy to maintain.
  8. The Medela breast pump is amazing. Honestly I was so scared of how pumping would actually be as I thought it would hurt but it’s not bad. Time consuming for sure and a lot of work but it’s so worth it for your baby. If you can breastfeed or pump you should definitely try it out. With this pump it’s electric so I don’t have to do anything but sit and it has a bra so you don’t have to hold the cups the entire time. The bra is a separate purchase and can be found here but so worth it. Believe me your hands will thank you.
  9. Referring back to the above, if you do breastfeed or pump you will eventually leak a little. To avoid messing up your bras and/or clothes purchase these breast pads.
  10. OMG such a lifesaver. Again, back to the breastfeeding, excuse me if there are any guys who are reading this blog. With this nipple cream it’s a soother to heal your nipples from the constant feeding you’re having to do. Like anything if bothered too much it’ll become irritated. Purchase this cream if you plan to breastfeed or pump.
  11. Halo Bassinet is one of the best purchases ever. It’s suggested to not have your baby in the bed with you so this bassinet is the closest thing to it. Of course being a new parent you want your child close at all times and with the Halo Bassinet, I can have Baby C near me while sleeping and not have to worry about running to the nursery when he’s crying etc. Definitely a must have until you’re ready to transition them to the crib.
  12. Blankets are a must of course. Self explanatory.
  13. Now I found this product when I was pregnant with Baby C and read all the reviews and saw the photos of users via Instagram. The DockAtot is perfect when you want to put baby down for a nap or just want him to hang out while you work on the computer, eat, or whatever. They are comfy and it’s portable to take to any room unlike a huge crib or bassinet.
  14. I wish I could let you know how many times we’ve washed baby clothes since we’ve been home. Dreft is the laundry to wash baby clothes in since their skin is so sensitive. We purchased the largest amount it comes in and luckily we still haven’t ran out.

As I mentioned before, this list could probably go longer but these are the must haves we’ve been using. Do you have any suggestions or things you think I should add? Drop it in the comments below.


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