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Preparing For Back To School With Zulily

The school year is almost here again and it’s crazy to think how fast summer is almost over. Our little guy is officially starting school and Pre-K is a big start to the start of his school career. I’m so excited to see him grow and he’s so excited to start. I’m also super excited to work with Zulily for their back-to-school kickoff! If you’re new to knowing who Zulily is, they are an e-commerce retail brand that acts as a new store almost daily. They feature new items from a variety of categories from trendy fashion items for the entire family to perfect decor pieces for your home and more. I’m so excited to work with them this back-to-school season to help you and your family find everything you need for the season with all of my picks you can shop right here!

So with our little guy not only starting school, but he’s also starting baseball and a few other extracurricular activities so our daily schedule’s about to pick up tremendously. With all that we have happening, having a system and organization in place is key and Zulily has so many great finds when it comes to getting my home prepared for the school season. Here are 3 tips I’m using to get our school mornings off to a great and organized start.

Prep On Sundays

This is a big tip for me because not only am I running multiple businesses but we have our kids and just home life to manage. The best thing for me is prepping our meals for the week and getting our breakfast, lunch bags, and grab-and-go items all organized and in place to save time. I love to use this chalkboard to write out meals and any key events we have for the week.

Plan Outfits For The Week

I also like to use Sundays to get my son’s school clothes out and ironed for the week. This makes our morning routines way easier instead of trying to figure out what he’s wearing for school. I love how Zulily has a great selection of brands that we love as not only a family but a ton of brands and high-quality clothing for school. He’s such a big boy now and loves to try to pick out his own clothes and absolutely loves dressing up like his dad. Black denim and this shirt have been his favorites so you can bet it’ll be in his school lineup the first week of school. 

Organize, Organize, Organize
As I mentioned above, organization is key. I love these baskets to keep all of our items in place for the week. From our snacks to even breakfast bars, these are my go-to for my pantry and kitchen.

When you have things in a place, it cuts down on the time needed to get out the door in the mornings. I love to have my baskets and kitchen items labeled and in place so everyone knows where and what they can grab without having to search all over causing more time to be wasted. We can literally grab and go whenever needed.

I hope these 3 tips that I use help you start your school year off on a great start! They are simple and key to a successful morning routine. I also hope you check out Zulily as they have everything you and your family need to get prepared for the school year. Use my code JasmineC51 for free shipping on your orders and find me on social media to let me know what you order and how these tips are playing a part in your day.

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