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suits for women

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Workwear can get a little tricky depending on your day to day job. I’m usually in a pair of jeans and a cute tee or a cute dress with my denim jacket. Occasionally, you’ll find me in a suit or more business wear if I have meetings.  Once upon a time, suits and businesswear for women was stuffy and not appealing at all but times have changed. More brands are now offering a variety of colors from your usual black workwear outfits and more styles of clothing that are now considered work appropriate.  This suit, for example, a couple of years ago may not have been the first choice of workwear pieces you’d consider when shopping for new pieces but now a red suit, in my opinion, is the ultimate boss look. Instead of going for the safe black and white outfit choices for your wardrobe, I’m sharing a few tips to help you elevate your everyday workwear pieces.


Add color

If you usually opt for the safe black and white workwear looks, make a change and slowly start adding pops of colors to your look. If you’re scared to jump right into a red suit, for instance, start slow with swapping out the white tank in your black suit for a fun color like blush pink. A soft color but still enough to get you in the idea of change.


Subscription Services

You’d be surprised by some of the pieces the subscription services for women send out. I’ve tried a few and specifically searched for a variety that offers business casual and formal looks, and they all usually were spot on with great looks. I think trying a subscription service allows you to take the stress of wondering where to shop and what to buy and opens you up to be more creative with your looks. You may want to refresh your workwear wardrobe but don’t know where to start, and most of the subscription services allow you to take a quick questionnaire on what you’re looking for to help you out in this refresh.


Try Denim

Denim is now appropriate for the workspace.  I can recall being in school and hearing the adults talk about denim on Fridays at work and it’s crazy how times have changed. Most workplaces allow denim every day as long as it’s appropriate. When in the workspace, I love a cute pair of mom jeans and a nice blazer with a statement tee. It’s casual but adding the blazer dresses up the look making it more work appropriate.


Switch Your Shoes

Are you still wearing the basic black heeled shoes with every work look? Switch it up. I love a good black shoe, but you can always add that pop of color via your shoes or switch up the style completely. I love the suit look with the dad sneakers right now, and it’s work appropriate. Not only is it cute and different but you’ll be comfortable. If you’re entirely against sneakers at work, try a different style shoe. Since it’s warming up, a cute wedge sandal or open-toed heels are always a win.


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