5 Tips for Road Tripping with Toddlers

5 Tips for Road Tripping with Toddlers

Road tripping with toddlers may seem like a daunting task. Balancing long hours of driving with small children who need to be constantly entertained seems chaotic. Here are 5 tips to make road tripping with toddlers just a little bit easier.

5 Tips for Road Tripping with Toddlers

Make Sure You Have Roadside Assistance

It’s one thing to get a flat tire when you are driving. It’s a whole different thing to get a flat tire on a road trip with a couple of small children in the backseat. To help relieve some of the hassles, make sure you have roadside assistance before you head out! Then, if you have a flat tire – or any other car situation – you’ll be covered.

Make Frequent Stops

Toddlers tend to have quite short attention spans. That means that long drives will not be very entertaining for them. To solve this problem, make more frequent stops. While this might not be the most efficient way to cover the distance, it’ll make the little ones happier, and, hence, make the entire road trip more enjoyable.

And remember that children are entertained by the smallest of things, so any beach, park, fruit stand, or playground could be an opportunity to stop the car for twenty minutes.

Do the Bulk of the Driving While the Little Ones Are Sleeping

In order to make up for the frequent stops, try to do the bulk of the driving while the toddlers are asleep. They won’t notice the lack of entertainment, so you’ll be able to go a lot farther than when they are awake.

Bring a Few New Toys

If you do need to drive a long distance while the kids are awake (say because there is absolutely nothing to see for a solid 50 miles), be sure to have a few new toys stashed in the trunk. Before you head out on your long haul of a drive, pull out a new toy or two! That’ll keep them nice and entertained.

Bring a Surplus of Your Toddlers’ Favorite Snacks

I get it. Toddlers are a little picky with their food choices. That means for a multi-day road trip, you should pack a ton of your toddlers’ favorite snacks. Who knows? Two days in, you may go into a grocery store for some snacks, and they might not have your kids’ favorite animal crackers, causing a bit of a situation. To avoid this, just bring a surplus of your little ones’ favorite snacks.

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