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Happy Monday! The first day of summer was last week and what other way to celebrate than pulling out one of my favorite summer pieces. I recently received this dress from JustFab a few weeks ago, and it is a summer must have. The lightweight material is perfect for those super hot sunny days when you want to look cute but not hot from the heat. This dress was originally priced at $42, but I just checked, and it’s marked down to $12!!! That is such a fantastic deal. You should hop on that before they are all gone. It’s the perfect dress for church or even a date night. You can mix and match with a light jacket or pair it with a cute pair of wedges as I have done above. The leopard wedges are from a few years ago and are also from JustFab. They have fantastic deals on clothing and shoes, so that is one reason you see them mentioned on the blog so often. I’m all for a deal that makes sense.

Speaking of amazing deals, if you recall a few blog post back I mentioned I would be starting a new health challenge to get on track to not only a better healthy lifestyle but to also get myself to a good weight from previously being pregnant. Of course, I dropped major weight once I delivered and even a few weeks after, but I have a target goal I want to get to and have been testing out a few products to get to it. The products have been amazing and are with a company called, IT WORKS. I’m sure you’ve heard of them and seen their products blasted all on social media. I was a little skeptical at first, but after seeing and hearing real results, I decided to give it a try. One person, I have been following Emmelie joined the business a few months ago, so I purchased my first set of products from her. I had been seeing her results and even her results with actually earning money with the business, but I just got my products and kept it moving. Day after day this company and different things would pop up everywhere, so I started looking into it more and more. I’m all about receipts so telling me how you’re doing something is one thing but I need to actually see the results.

Most people give network marketing a try and drop it after a few days because they don’t have a support team to lay it out for their success. With my brand/blog and already using the products and liking them, I decided to make the jump and add the company to my brand. It only made sense. I am already using the products and have great results for my goals. Why not add this to my brand and share my story and results to my readers just as I do other products? I also didn’t’ want to just join and not have a support team in place to get this money and the support group that I am with are getting their money. It’s amazing because everyone has other businesses going but each have their way of why they are adding another stream and how they are doing it. The company currently has a promotion going on for new sign ups for only $10 and it only lasts until the end of the week. You spent $10 today on parking, lunch, or Starbucks, I just know it. If you’re a blogger like myself or have a brand you’re looking to expand give IT Works a try and not only grow your business but get on top of your health at the same time.

If you’re interested in testing out some products, I am doing a post-baby 90-day mommy health challenge. Click here to learn more about the challenge or email me at with any questions about the challenge you may have or trying products or joining the business. Also, check out this video if you want to hear from some of the top earners in the country.

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