Spring Family Picture Outfit Ideas

Spring Family Picture Outfit Ideas

Springtime is here and is one of my favorites to capture family photos. The weather is not too hot or too cold so I can switch up outfits and locations super easily. Also taking pictures during the spring gives us the opportunity to have some fun in the sun at the park, make a splash at the beach, or take a hike.

Even if you’re not the photography family type, taking pictures allows you to capture those fast-moving moments before they’re gone. To help you get in the spirit or spark some ideas, I’ve put together outfit ideas and tips for your family session.

Spring Family Picture Outfit Ideas


Including denim in your wardrobe is perfect for both spring and fall family photo sessions. I like to keep session outfits complimentary but not exact. This allows for everyone’s personalities to show without looking like stock photography. For my family, sometimes I will wear a blue jean jacket while Marcus will wear blue jean pants then we get to have fun and dress KJ like me and Brooklyn like daddy or vice versa!


Pastels just scream spring family pictures there are so many color palettes that you can choose. Whether you shoot for the rainbow or choose a complementary color scheme, the backdrop of the flowers in bloom matches perfectly.


If you haven’t had a family photo session at the beach you’re missing out. Since the background is so serene, I like to change up our outfits to something more dressy. It’s the perfect dramatic flair to have your photos being the highlight of the family group chat.


Every session we have must have a casual family outfit. A cute flowy top for the girls and a nice button-down for the guys. This way we can easily change to run errands or have a play date afterward. These are typically the outfits we don’t mind getting a little dirty in if we need to shoot in the grass or on the playground for our spring family pictures.


Prints are perfect for spring but my favorite for summer family photos. There are usually so many people outdoors so on top of the funky prints you can incorporate, you can also get a variety of background personalities too. Not to mention these are the perfect shots to look back at in 20 years and say, “why was that print in style?!”

Tips for Family Photos

Let the Babies Call the Shots

Of course, we have the picture-perfect shots we want to capture in every outfit. Unfortunately, as many of you know – the babies call the shots. Instead of getting overwhelmed with forcing the perfect “cheeeeese” picture, allow for everyone to flow naturally. This also goes for the family photo outfits. If baby doesn’t like, try to find an outfit that makes them comfortable and happy. Some of the most memorable pictures are often the ones where everyone is engaged or interacting with each other. 

Bring Props that the Family Regularly Enjoys

If you’re ever preoccupied with overthinking what your hands and feet should be doing, bringing props that you use regularly makes getting realistic shots easier. Do you guys have a favorite after-dinner dessert or favorite game? Bring them! It allows for the photographer to really get your family in their true essence.

Relax and Get Rest

When you have little ones, it’s important to schedule around their naptimes so they’re not fussy or sleepy during the shoot. It also helps if make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep to look their best. Don’t forget, try not to show up to a photo shoot on an empty stomach; bringing snacks along makes sure no one gets hungry along the way. 

Find a Family Photographer

Although there are a ton of photographers out there, you want to find one that specializes in family portraits. They’ll have inside knowledge on posing groups and entertaining little ones for the perfect spring family pictures.

Following these tips will not only make it easier for your photographer but easier for you as well. Regardless of what’s your “go-to” family portrait, these tips will work. Send me your pictures, I’d love to see them!

XO Jasmine

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