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Summer Activities for the Family

Ah, cheers to summer and the summer family activities it brings!… I think we all can agree that Summer’s presence is long overdue. Those long sunny days, grilling with the family, followed by bonfires and roasted marshmallows at night. 

I’ve spent countless days thinking about what this year’s summer family activities will bring. Hopefully, more playtime, family time, & most definitely an ounce of me time (fingers crossed). I believe that the summertime is the perfect time to start new traditions with our loved ones or at least create a bucket list of activities to eventually tackle as time goes on. 

First things first, find out what everyone really likes to do. Start asking those hypothetical questions at the dinner table.  

“If we could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?”
“How would you feel if we spent a weekend camping with the neighbors and their kids?
“What is your favorite meal that you want to have more often?”

With everyone’s personality being so bright and bold, it’s definitely beneficial to ask what the hubby and kiddos would prefer, rather than hearing “mooooommm this is boring” or “can we go home already”  and a boring summer is not apart of summertime tradition! 

So I have gathered a bucket list of activities you and the family can enjoy this summer. Whether you accomplish this entire list in one season or save some for the next, the point is that the family gets to enjoy more playtime, you and your spouse get more together time and you can finally experience a little “me time”. 

Ideas for Summer Family Activities

Enjoy Nature

Take advantage of the summertime fun by exploring what nature has to offer. Just do not forget to pack lots of water and sunscreen! 

  1. Nature walk: Go on a nature trail through a national park in your home state or out of state. Connect with nature itself.
  2. Grow a garden: The first step to beginning a new journey is to plant the seed, water it and make sure they are receiving enough sunlight.  Starting a garden is also a great way to teach your children the bases of photosynthesis while also enjoying the pleasure of helping create a living thing from start to finish.
  3. Go on a picnic: Pack your favorite foods, drinks, and a giant cozy throw away blanket. Picnics are perfect for dates with your spouse while also doubling as family time.
  4. Make a book house: Create a book house in your front lawn for the children and fill it up with children’s books. That way the kiddos can have their own library and scenery right at home. You will also be the neighborhood favorite.
  5. Bike ride: Grab your bike and put on some colorful bike lights and ride through your neighborhood, all eyes on you!
  6. Flower/ Produce Picking: One of the best things to have in your home is fresh produce to make delicious meals. Find a fruit and veggie farm and get to picking! 

Experience Local Activities

Take advantage of the places that have opened back up since the pandemic. Maybe even get back to doing some of the things you haven’t done since a child yourself. 

  1. Bowling: Whether you are with your adult family members or it’s you, your spouse and the kids, a little friendly bowling competition is always an option. 
  2. Skating: What a perfect way to burn out everyone’s energy by the end of the day. Moms, you know how we enjoy those silent car rides home. The one where you look back and notice that everyone is fast asleep.
  3. Go-kart racing: Everyone has a little need for speed built in them and if you don’t naturally, you will once you get in that drivers seat! Take the kids or go on a date to a go-kart facility. 
  4. Go visit a city that is a couple hours outside of your home town: Maybe you can discover cabins in your state vs traveling far. 
  5. Go to a local fair/carnival: Make sure you bring cash and put on your good shoes because carnival days are long. And but well worth it for the funnel cakes, slushies, and smiles.
  6. Go to the drive-in: The drive-in has always been a hit every since the movie Grease in 1978 

Explore Your Arts and Craft Side

Get creative and explore your playful side with visually appealing things.

  1. Create a crystal collection: Introduce your family to the different types of manmade and naturally made crystals that come from all over the world.
  2. Decorate your wall: Take one wall in your house and turn it into a chalk wall. That way when anyone is feeling creative, they can express themselves whenever.
  3. Put together a photoshoot: Grab the back drops, props, on point outfit and gather the family around to make memories that’ll last a lifetime
  4. Make a hot air balloon out of tissue paper: The kids love science! This simple experiment can be done with a few items found at the dollar store (tissue paper, scissors, pencil, glue, paper, & hair dryer). Check out this clip on How To Make A Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon  for some guidance. 
  5. Make music: Make your own instruments out of items in your home and create your own garage band then perform your heart out for the neighbors. 
  6. Play with slime: The children love to get their hands messy, so why not make it colorful and fun. 

Cook With Your Love Ones

There is no other way to reach pure happiness than through the stomach. Plus, this is  a way to teach your children how to make their favorite things and have fun doing it.

  1. Create your own pizza: The kids will love their freedom of picking whatever toppings they want on their personal pizzas. 
  2. Let the kids cook: If you have teenagers, let them make dinner for once. They are responsible for grocery shopping and preparing/ cooking the meal. All under parental supervision of course. 
  3. Baked goods: There is nothing like baked goods, before, after or during dinner. The smell of sweets brings instant happiness throughout the house. 
  4. Ice sandwich: Turn those baked goods into ice cream sandwiches. The perfect snack to enjoy while watching a movie with the family. 
  5. Taco night: Creating a taco bar is the easiest meal night ever. Makes for an even better clean up!
  6. Make a lemonade stand: Teach the children young how to start their own business and have fun doing it.

Overall, this summer will be full of new traditions, love, and laughter! This year we are not going for the “‘moooommm, I’m bored” routine. Make a list of things that you, your spouse, and the children want to do.  Then if you all ever feel like there is nothing to do, look back at your bucket list and then go from there!  

I hope this list of summer family activities to do with the family finds its way to your summertime bucket list.

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