Summer-Friendly Foundations You Need To Try Now

The lightweight foundation is having a moment and we’re here for it, especially during the summer. Summer living is all about the great outdoors. We’re living for those long sunny days at the pool or beach or even hot summer nights on a rooftop bar. What we’re not living for is heavy foundation melting during the summer heat.

Thankfully, we have an option of lightweight foundation that not only offers coverage but is also perfect for hot summer days and nights. The lightweight foundation is exactly that- foundations that are formulated to provides coverage without suffocating the skin with heavy ingredients.

These lightweight foundations vary from full coverage to tinted moisturizers. But they all deliver a skin-perfecting look with a lighter feel and a more natural look. These foundations are often water or gel-based rather than cream or liquid. Some offer the added benefit of SPF, minerals, or serums, so they act as not only make-up but also skincare. This is especially important for oily or sensitive skin types who want coverage but struggle with breakouts or irritation caused by the buildup of sweat and oil in the pores.

So, whether you’re looking for barely there “I woke up like this” or full-coverage glamour girl, here are a few of the top lightweight foundations that you’ll surely fall in love with.


NARS is known for its amazing foundations and other beauty products. But this gem right here will give you that coverage and glow that you are looking for. Without it looking too heavy when applied. It will also protect your skin from the sun. Literally, your skin will be screaming “thank you.” Whether you are going to a photoshoot or running errands this tinted moisturizer will be the one for you. Also, this moisturizer comes in so many different shades. You won’t have a problem finding one that matches perfectly with your skin tone. Nars is available at Ulta.


This clean vegan-friendly foundation is super light and adjusts to the skin almost immediately with only a few drops. What is so great about this particular brand is the fact that it will not only act as just a foundation but can also be used as part of your skincare regime. Ingredients found in the skin tint have calming and hydrating properties that help the skin and also provide extra protection from the sun. The super serum is a foundation, skincare serum, and sunscreen all in one!


Water-based foundations are definitely trending right now. This particular foundation will have your skin looking natural but also hide all of your break-outs or dark spots. This foundation is vegan with clean ingredients. So, if you have sensitive or problem skin, you can breathe a sigh of relief when using this foundation. It provides medium coverage, but will still give you that blurred but radiant finish. This water-based foundation lasts up to 12 hours too! That’s literally ALL-DAY girl. Reapplying, nope, not today!


This foundation will give you such a long-lasting glow. And will make you believe that you transformed into some big-shot Hollywood star. The coverage for this foundation is phenomenal, but the magic is in its weightless feel on the skin. Not only is the foundation light as air, but it will also give your skin that luminous, hydrated glow. You glow girl!

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