Summer Skin Glow

Sun-kissed skin IS summer skin. There’s something about the warmer months that has everyone happier and walking around with an extra glow about themselves. No matter if you have dry skin, combination skin or anything in between now is the perfect time to flaunt your beautiful self.

A change in season particularly from winter to the summer months calls for a skincare routine overhaul. The thick creams and oils you might have sworn by in the colder months aren’t exactly what your complexion needs as the temperature rises and humidity fluctuates. This year, however, resetting your lackluster winter complexion in order to achieve that enviable summer skin glow seems a lot trickier.

As if regular acne, backne, and buttne weren’t bad enough, the pandemic added it’s very own special category to the acne canon: maskne, aka acne caused by (rightly) wearing a face mask. Maskne has been one of the biggest skin concerns to result from the pandemic. But that isn’t going to stop us from having a great summer glow, let’s dive into some solutions and tips:

Keeping Your Summer Skin Hydrated

That extra layer of sweat on your face does not count as a moisturizer. “Despite the weather being hot and humid, you still need to moisturize,” says Nava Greenfield, a board-certified dermatologist and medical director at Schweiger Dermatology Group in Brooklyn, New York.

Clogged Pores Be Gone!

If an acne bump “pops up” it’s likely been weeks in the making. Avoid flare-ups by being proactive and washing daily with benzoyl peroxide, as it will kill any bacteria that could cause zits to erupt.

And even if you don’t notice more acne than usual, it’s in your skin’s best interest to go the extra step in warding off breakouts; in the a.m., wash with a salicylic acid cleanser which helps take out breakouts without compromising your skin in the process. Then, at night, swap in an allover treatment which gently exfoliates dead skin cells so they don’t have a chance to clog pores.

Protect Your Summer Skin at ALL Costs

Applying SPF moisturizer with sunscreen before you head outside protects your skin and keeps you looking younger longer. No matter your skin type or shade, you NEED sunscreen. Even if you aren’t full on sun bathing, you can still get burned. Your skin is delicate and can easily be damaged by UV rays and sun exposure.

Pamper Yourself

There’s no time like the present to pamper yourself. Adding a nice face mask, green tea eye gels, or even the latest hyaluronic acid cream can make you feel like a million bucks. The jury is still out in if the products actually do the work they say it does, but what’s important is if you feel like it’s making you look like a million bucks – there’s no harm is indulging just a little.

Have a great summer and stay fabulous and protected while doing so!

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