Take A Step Back…And Breathe!

So I recently took a break from blogging to handle some things on the back end along with focusing on my business. Being an entrepreneur, blogger, plus running a ton of other projects behind the scenes, things can get really chaotic. Honestly it may look super fun and easy to others but it can get really overwhelming. Along with just taking a step back to breathe I also have something else that I’ve been cooking up that I will share with you all soon.

If you’re a blogger it can get overwhelming seeing other bloggers who may have started with you or just getting a ton of opportunities and you wonder why? I’ve never been the type to do that but I actually started second guessing myself wondering why did I start this. What I learned from my break is you can’t compare yourself to others and you really have to be organized so you don’t overwhelm and stress yourself out. The biggest thing I am bringing with me on this new journey is knowing it is okay to say “NO”! I get asked to do a ton of different things and sometimes jump to do things with the fear of it won’t turn out how I want it. By doing this, I caused myself to take on way more than I can handle.  Eliminating a few things and bringing to the forefront what is really important to me has helped me this past month or so get back “charged up” and in the mood to make things happen again.  I am super excited to basically relaunch my blog in a sense bringing amazing content and I look forward to keeping this journey going. If you ever find yourself burned out with little to no creativity and no motivation, take a step back and breathe. Whether you take a break for a week, month, six months, whatever works for you do it.

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