The Benefits Of Figuring Out You & Your Spouse’s Love Language

The concept of “love languages” has been a hot topic in recent years. Thanks to Gary Chapman, those looking for love or in relationships can take a quiz and gain clarity on how they like to receive love!

If you’ve never heard of love languages, here are a few things you should know! There are five love languages: Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, and Words of Affirmation. 

What are the five love languages? 

Acts of Service as a Love Language

People who resonate with Acts of Service strongly believe that actions speak louder than words. I am inclined to agree! They may know you love them and you say it all the time but they would prefer you show them.

Your partner had a long day and didn’t make it to the grocery store. A loving act of service for them would be to grab what they couldn’t. New moms who also work from home seldomly get a break from any kind of work.

A beautiful and loving act of service would be to give your baby a bath, clean up around the house, cook dinner. Anything that takes a few tasks off her plate and makes her life easier. Sure it’s the thought that counts but the action drives it home! 

Receiving Gifts as a Love Language

If Receiving Gifts is your love language, I love you feels good when it’s wrapped in a bow. There are a million ways to give a gift, the bow may be the cherry on top!

Receiving a gift from your loved one with thought and intention gives you warm and fuzzy feelings. Of all the love languages, it’s easy for this one to come off as superficial. But hear me out! When you see something you know your partner would like it makes a great gift. “I saw this and thought of you” is an endearing gesture that doesn’t go unnoticed. Making your partner feel like every day is their birthday sends a resounding feeling of love and care. 

Marcus showing Jasmine quality time love language

Quality Time as a Love Language

Quality Time
Undivided attention appeals to those who love Quality Time. Whether you’re at home watching the latest Netflix release or cuddling on the couch together with a glass of wine, it’s the time together that matters most. All it takes is a text, a phone call, a “oh, I should Google that” moment or a cry from the baby to divert our attention. Setting aside full and undivided time for your partner lets them feel seen, cared for, and loved. Sometimes the little things really are the world!

Words of Affirmation as a Love Language

There’s nothing like a few affirmations to put you in the right mental space. Hearing Words of Affirmation from your partner adds an extra boost of confidence to anyone’s ego. Everything from compliments, reassurance in tough situations, those not so random “I love you because…” or “I’m so proud of you” moments send a calming wave of love and ease to your partner. 

And lastly, Physical Touch! You’d be surprised how often people shy away from public displays of affection, kissing, nuzzling, hand-holding, and cuddling. However, if your partner loves to feel your sweet caress throughout the day, those subtle gestures make a world of difference. 

Marcus showing Jasmine physical touch love language

What are the benefits of knowing your love languages?

It’s important to know that your love language can change over time. Constantly checking in with yourself and your partner after taking the quiz is a sure way to stay in touch with your needs. It’s also valuable to remember that you may identify with all five love languages. One will rank higher than the other but in love, they all work in tandem. 

Knowing you and your partner’s love language allows you to authentically communicate your needs. When you know your love language is the quality time you can confidently communicate what makes you feel loved and wanted. Before you took the love language test, maybe it was hard for you to express your needs because you didn’t know where they stemmed from? Or maybe your partner wasn’t sure what they were missing when trying to please you. Knowing your love languages gives you the confidence you need to communicate effectively. 

When you can easily communicate your love language you are better equipped to show love, gratitude, and appreciation for your partner! Knowing your husband requires quality time allows you to block off time in both of your schedules unimpeded by the outside world. Who knows, those hours could be accompanied by gifts and plenty of physical touches. 

When you both decide to move with intention the way you express and receive love elevates to a new level. Take the love language quiz and set aside time to talk about your needs honestly and often. Your relationship may be all the better for it!

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