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Werk It! How To Style A Grey Pantsuit


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Happy Monday! We’re a little over one week away from Thanksgiving which is insane to think right now. Seriously, how did this year go by so fast? With an upcoming trip and family visits throughout the holiday season, being busy is a complete understatement. Every hour during the week that I can get to get things done, I have to take full advantage of it. Some days if I choose to work solely at home, you can catch me in comfy PJs and fully relaxed. On days when I need to meet with clients, events, or just a full, busy day, I love to wear a power statement outfit. Why? Because not only am I a business owner but also a brand. Everyone needs a good power suit, and when I came across this grey pantsuit, I knew I needed to add it to my closet.

If we rewind, I mentioned in a post previously about trying new things with my style, and this is one of them. To be honest, a cute blouse and slacks or depending on the location/meeting helped me choose what exactly I was going to wear. I later changed that because if you’re building a brand and want people to take you seriously, you have to dress the part. When I put this outfit on, I instantly felt like I was about to take over the world like Olivia Pope. A good outfit can set your mood. I went between dressing this with a white button down or the black tank and love how it came out with the tank. It still gives me a boss look, but the tank keeps me comfortable. I pulled out this bag which is a few years old from Target to pair with the look and my heels for the statement piece of the outfit.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a nice grey pantsuit. This suit including the top was under $100, and you can shop it below. If you’re still wondering if a grey pantsuit is for you or ideas on how you can style it, here are seven tips to remember when finding your next pantsuit.


1) The first and foremost way to revolutionize the grey pantsuit is by selecting modern cuts and tailoring to keep your look young, fresh and contemporary.

2) Using subtle hints of shimmer and sparkle adds feminine flair and visual interest to your straight up and down suit. This can be achieved by simply adding a statement piece of jewelry.

3) Opt for darker, more vibrant colors in the autumn and winter, and choose shades that are lighter and brighter for the spring and summer.

4)Selecting separates with a texture like a tweed or wool blazer and pairing it with a silk or satin finish blouse is one of the many ways you can incorporate texture into your wardrobe to add depth and interest to your office outfits.

5) Break out of the buttoned-up and serious silhouette of the grey pantsuit by opting for a more relaxed route that gives your work wear a contemporary casual feel.

6) Wearing a colorful blazer paired with your standard black pants gives you that pop of color you’re after while remaining put together and professional. For a subtler approach, choose a bright blouse or camisole to offset your conservatively colored suit.

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