what to pack for disney

What To Pack For Disney World

We’re headed to Disney World as I write this post and I’m so excited to be headed back with family. I was there a few weeks ago for work and when you’re at Disney it never feels like work and was an amazing time. I’ve blessed to be able to visit Disney World very often since I was a little girl and every time I go back, there’s always something I forget or say I will add to my list to bring next time. Now that I’m a mom, I have to plan my packing at least a week in advance so I’m able to gather any items I need for my son or myself or husband when running errands.  I love Disney and visiting Orlando but forgetting items can add up and if you already have what you need at home, you don’t want to spend double. The last thing you want to do is turn the happiest place on earth into the most expensive place and you and your family aren’t able to fully enjoy yourselves. So, here’s the ultimate Disney World Packing List to save you time and money on your trip to Orlando, Florida.


Black Backpack

Perfect for carrying your items such as wet wipes, diaper wipes, lip balm, camera and other necessities you’ll need in the park. I personally prefer a backpack than a purse because I’m able to keep my hands and arms free for my little one.

what to pack for disney world

Family Rain Ponchos

If you’ve ever been to Florida, you know the weather is nice but you can always expect rain on at least one of your days in town. It’s better to be prepared when walking through the parks than running to take cover because you’re getting soaked from the midday rain showers. This family pack of Disney ponchos should do the trick to keep you and your family moving along to the next ride or show and not having to miss out on any fun! When you’re not using them, store them in your backpack and they fold small so shouldn’t take up any room.

what to pack for disney world

Portable Battery Charger

You’re going to take a million photos and videos of the parades, family selfies, fireworks and more. You need a full battery to capture all of the memories at the happiest place on earth.

what to pack for Disney World

Fila Sneakers

Be prepared to do a ton of walking when you’re visiting the parks. Also, be prepared for long lines and standing in certain spots for a period of time. The best way to tackle this from the beginning is by packing comfortable shoes, preferably sneakers. I’m loving the “Dad sneaker” trend lately so these Fila womens sneakers are perfect and also very comfortable.

what to pack for Disney World

Minnie Mouse Shirt

You can’t visit Disney World without having at least one or two Disney themed items. I usually opt for my cute Minnie Mouse ears, a cute shirt and now the cutest Mickey Mouse sneakers (above in the photos) I got when visiting Disney Springs.

What to pack for Disney World

Unseen Sunscreen

In the Flordia sun, it’s best to be protected with a good quality sunscreen and I’ve tried Supergoop!  This particular sunscreen is an oil-free makeup primer.


Skinny Ankle Jeans

A great pair of comfy jeans are a must. I try to pack a variety of cute dresses and other outfit options but jeans and denim shorts are usually my go-to for the parks.

what to pack for disney

Mark IV Full Frame

Capture all of your best memories with this Canon Mark IV. I personally have this camera and the photo and video quality is amazing!

What to pack for Disney World

Magic Bands

I recently got a MagicBand and it’s so convenient. If you stay at one of the resorts it acts as your room key and basically your access to all things Disney. When visiting the parks, instead of having to keep up or pull out your card whenever you need something, you can simply use your band. They’re only $14.99 and last 5 years.

XO Jasmine

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