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What To Wear For Fall Family Photos

When was the last time you took fall family photos? Seasonal changes are the perfect time to persuade your family they’re overdue for a matching fall family photo! If you’re planning your next shoot, here are a couple of ideas to pull your fall aesthetic together. 

You know you want to gather your family for a memorable photo to send as a holiday card, fill your decorative frames, and send to friends and family, but where do you start?

Location, location, location! Would you prefer to have a natural backdrop or take photos in a studio, maybe even your home? Narrowing down where you want to be photographed allows you to create ensemble options for your family. 

Once you have chosen your location, you can move on to your outfit theme. This is where your creativity can thrive!

Plan your family outfits based on color, theme, texture, geography, or personality. The possibilities are truly endless. 

Fall Family Outfit Based on Color

If you plan to have your family photoshoot outside, plan to wear colors that contrast the natural colors we find in nature. If your family is in a woodsy area full of autumn leaves, colors such as white, beige, dark blues, greens, and yellows will tie the natural theme but allow your family to stand out against the backdrop. 

With one color in mind, think about putting each family member in a shade of said color like green. Jade, hunter, olive, and apple green will create unity while allowing each family member to have their own “moment.” 

To highlight everyone’s personality while staying true to the color scheme, allowing the color to be featured in accessories like hats, scarves, and jackets calls for individuality and cohesion! 

Fall Family Outfit Based on Theme

We love a theme-based family photoshoot such as a plaid lumberjack theme, fur, denim, foliage, or fireside PJs! 

If you plan to go with a theme, outfit planning becomes a little easier considering the theme’s parameters; Plaid or flannels come in various colors and patterns. 

Adding props like leaves while wearing faux fur coats emphasizes the season while adding a playful touch to the photo. 

Your family can always stay warm and comfortable by the fire at home with a cup of cocoa and matching pajamas! 

If you’re looking for something simple and quick, denim is always a solid go-to option.

Family Outfit Based on Personality

Whether you have a family of three or thirteen we know each member has a unique personality that deserves a place to shine.

Family photos call for a cohesive aesthetic however, finding a common thread like color, texture, or accessory while allowing your loved one’s personalities to shine showcases a modern and realistic family photo! 

The most important aspect of any fall family photo is to have fun and enjoy your time together. Fall brings family members together from near and far, allows us to give thanks for our blessings and each other. Showcase our familial style on film is just a plus!

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