what to wear to a summer wedding

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

It’s wedding season! Finding wedding guest dresses to wear to a beautiful occasion can be hard, especially when the temperatures in the summer vary depending on the day. Even though it can be hard to find the “perfect” dress, you can still have fun while searching.

So when looking for what to wear to a summer wedding there are so many things to remember before you make that purchase. The first thing you want to consider what wedding attire has been outlined by the special couple. Luckily most couples will outline their preferences in the save the date or their wedding invitation. Is the event black tie optional, semi-formal, or cocktail attire? Once you know the dress code it helps cuts out tons of options that don’t align.

My basic go-to is to get something cute but not over the top that you can’t wear again. It doesn’t make sense to spend $1,000 on a dress that you can only wear once and you’re just a guest at the big event. Since you don’t have to worry about layering up, there are so many styles of dresses you can choose from when trying to decide what to wear to a summer wedding.

I have picked four of my favorites to help you answer the question of what to wear to a summer wedding. Here are my favorite picks for summer wedding outfits:

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding featured by popular Atlanta fashion blogger Xo Jasmine
What To Wear To A Summer Wedding featured by popular Atlanta fashion blogger Xo Jasmine
What To Wear To A Summer Wedding featured by popular Atlanta fashion blogger Xo Jasmine

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What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Maxi Dress

Beach weddings tend to be the most casual of all summer weddings. That doesn’t mean just throw on a pair of jeans (huge big fat no), but there’s no need to go super formal. Maxi dresses are my favorite for a casual summer wedding.  The only thing with maxi dresses you have to take into account for length. Maxi dresses are amazing for summer in general, but they can look really nice at a wedding as well.  Skinny straps, empire waist, fitted, strapless-these dresses come in all styles. Maxis also typically come in super breathable fabrics that make outdoor summer weddings and warm weather more bearable.


If you’re attending an outdoor wedding, chances are you may have to walk on some dirt or grass. Sundresses are great because you can dress them up with heels or flats. I typically bring these out for the more casual type of summer wedding – like park weddings or cute backyards venues. They are also great dresses that can be used later for other events like date nights, bridal showers, etc. We’re all here for multifunctional outfits, am I right?


When it comes to a classic or traditional wedding, it’s time to go more formal and dressy. For most events, the strapless dress is my go-to because it’s perfect for classic or less traditional ceremonies. I love solid or floral prints with my strapless dresses. I usually always pair a strapless dress with heels because it adds more flare and dressy vibes to the look. But if you want to switch it up and wear flats or patent-leather mules, a strapless dress adds just enough of a flare to dress it up.

Fit & Flare

A good rule of thumb when choosing your outfit for a summer wedding (or any wedding, for that matter) is that being overdressed is always better than being underdressed. Being a new mom, when I had to put on a fitted outfit, my stomach area was not where I wanted it to be right away. I also didn’t want to always feel like I had to wear super loose dresses. With a fit & flare style, it still gives me the fit look but flares in areas that I may not want to show or cling to tight. A light, summer dress with an empire waist means you can breathe, dance, and eat the yummy reception food without feeling like you need to suck in all night or for pictures.

Tips to Make Your Guest Appearance Great

  1. Follow the Dress Code: There’s no worse feeling than feeling out of place at a wedding. A lot of time and effort goes into planning a wedding, so make sure you respect the event by adhering to its style.
  2. Dress Appropriately: Since summer weddings go hand-in-hand with hot weather (especially in the South), you can often get away with dressing a little more casually than you would at other times of the year. Choose light, flowing, fabrics and styles in lengths appropriate to the dress code.
  3. Finish it Off in Style: Nothing pulls together the perfect wedding outfit like a pair of statement earrings and a touch of make-up. Having your hair and make-up done will leave you feeling great the entire event.

Regardless of what style you decide to flaunt at this year’s go-to wedding of the season, I know you’ll look great in any outfit you choose. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with a style you haven’t tried before or maybe a new pattern. Weddings are the perfect season for new beginnings.

As always be sure to share your favorite wedding outfits with me, I’d love to see them and be a part of the big day festivities and celebration.

XO Jasmine

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