Whole 30 Diet Week 1 Review by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Xo Jasmine

Whole 30 Diet Week 1 Review

Week 1 of the Whole 30 Diet is complete and it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. If you’re unfamiliar with what the Whole 30 diet is, you can read more here and my reason for wanting to complete it. I honestly never realized how much sugar was in literally everything. When grocery shopping for some items for our first week, I went in thinking oh it says this or that so it’s definitely “healthy” but the previous things that I thought were healthy after actually looking at the nutritional labels had so much salt, sugar it was just crazy what was in the ingredients. So, how is the Whole 30 Diet working me?

Whole 30 Diet Side Effects?

Well, I only experienced the intense headaches on the first day and that was my fault because I went super light on the breakfast instead of making everything that was supposed to be included. Within the first week, my energy levels I can already see them improving and my skin is definitely clearing up. The first few days I was a little sluggish to start off but after the early am feedings that KJ receives, instead of going back to bed like I usually do I was able to stay up and get so many things completed all before the sunrise. I definitely couldn’t say the same a month ago. I will admit Whole 30 isn’t for everyone and you must listen to your body.

My Favorite Whole 30 Diet Meal So Far?

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw on my stories a few different dishes that we’ve been trying. One of my favorites was the breakfast casserole that I  made. You can find the original recipe here. It was so delicious.

Should you do the Whole 30 Diet alone?

Honestly, having my husband complete this challenge with me is definitely better than if I was doing it alone. I feel like if you are doing it and someone who lives with you is eating other stuff or you’re having to cook your Whole 30 meals and then turn around and make a pepperoni pizza for your friend or spouse, it just might not work.  You shouldn’t even put yourself in the situation because a good cheesy pizza is more than enough temptation in its self to mess up your Whole 30 journey. A good idea would be to see if someone you know could complete the Whole 30 diet with you. That way you both can hold each other accountable.

Have you completed the Whole 30 diet? What was your favorite meal during the process?

XO Jasmine


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