Morning Glow With Africa Miranda Facial Elixir

The sound of the alarm clock in the morning comes around faster day by day. As soon as I am in bed comfortable, I honestly feel like the alarm goes off an hour later. Some days I feel super rejuvenated, and you can see it on my face, and other days I feel sluggish, and you can also see that on my face. The days when I need that extra pick me up not to look as tired as I feel, I turn to a few of my beauty products. I usually have my go-to items, but Africa Miranda sent me this facial elixir, and I just had to try it out. I’ve traditionally been wanting to avoid anything that may seem like it’s going to add extra oil to my skin because it’s already super oily, but this facial elixir did the complete opposite. It felt as if my skin just absorbed the elixir. My skin felt hydrated, and I had a natural glow. You would have thought I slept 10+ hours with the way my skin was glowing. Any product that doesn’t leave an oily feel is always a win in my book.

Africa Miranda created the Facial Elixir after a trip to Brazil, and she wanted to find a way to share her travel adventures and experiences with other women. The first offering, the Facial Elixir, is born of Africa’s special connection to the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. Lovingly called “Brazil in a bottle,” the Facial Elixir helps to recapture the vacation “glow” using Brazilian ingredients Maraca Oil and Cupuacu Butter. Get your own Facial Elixir by visiting


Xo Jasmine

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