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5 tips to achieve the perfect work/life balance

August 26, 2015
Dallas Blogger, Atlanta Fashion Blogger

Throwing yourself into a new business while retaining a personal life can be an impossible goal, but with the right strategies you can prevent losing your mind and your family. Creating a good work/life balance is fundamental for any role, but something that can be tough. Work/life balance is the positive relationship between our career and extra activities in life such as friends, family, sports etc. They are not separate entities and therefore it is important to acknowledge how we can integrate both to form a happy and healthy relationship. Continue Reading


Summer Blues: GiGi New York Style

August 25, 2015
Atlanta blogger | dallas blogger

I came across GiGi New York about a year or so ago when I first collaborated with them. When I found this brand via Instagram, I instantly fell in love. Their vibrant colors and the option to personalize your items is one of my favorite features. If you’ve followed my journey for the past few years, my blog was originally “Heels and Mimosas” and I transitioned over to my name to make it more personable. This post was one of many that got lost in transition and with fall season approaching I thought I would resurface one of my favorite past post and favorite fall item. My GiGi New York Uber ClutchContinue Reading

#GirlBoss Atlanta City Guide

Erica’s Table of 20

August 22, 2015

I’m all about the #girlboss movement and love seeing other women out making their dreams happen. I recently met Erica of The B Firm PR based in Atlanta, Georgia and it was great to connect with someone doing similar things as you and out getting things done. Erica recently created a series called Table of 20, an intimate luncheon which serves as a platform connecting professionals.  Continue Reading

Weekly Beauty Finds

Beauty Finds of the Week

August 13, 2015
Beauty Weekly Finds - Dallas Blogger

My top three beauty finds of the week are three products that I swear by when it comes to my hair! Now not to sound “conceited” but I get a lot of compliments on my hair and believe me its no two second trick. It takes skill and time to maintain these tresses. haha no but seriously these three products not only keep my hair healthy but they also keep my curls lasting for days. Continue Reading

Film Reviews

TV Review: Born Again Virgin

August 6, 2015

My running list of tv shows I watch weekly is ever-growing. I definitely made the decision to limit what I watched but why when you have DVR. When I came across the preview of this new show on TV ONE “Born Again Virgin” I immediately thought this show has no interest of mine and it’ll be a fail. I thought of it as a remake of “Jane The Virgin” from CW and didn’t give it a chance when I saw the commercials for the new series. I honestly think the main reason I jumped to this conclusion is because I didn’t want another show to keep up with but why fight it if it’s good right? Continue Reading

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